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Spokane Valley Fire Department

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  • Spokane Valley Fire Department

    I'm probably going to be testing in Spokane this next year and was wondering if anyone could help me out with the specifics of the department, such as schedule, benefits and other information. I couldn't really find much out on the website, other than the general testing times for next year. Any info would be helpful. I'm currently a firefighter elsewhere, so anything job-oriented would be great, even how they work chow, or what the stations are like. I'm far enough away that a station visit is unfeasable. Thanks!!

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    I worked there for 9 years, left 4 years ago to move to Seattle. It's a great department. Lots of brotherhood. about 130 full time, no volunteers. Pay is good, especially with the cost of living there being low. They have a new chief since I left, but the guys seem to think he's OK. That's high praise after the string of losers they've had. When I gave my notice that I was leaving the department to move west, I never even heard from the Fire Chief himself. I spoke with the personnel chief, and then within about an hour everybody else heard the news. But you would think the chief would stop by the station, say "thanks for 9 years of service"?? Nope. Not even a phone call or an email. He was just putting in a couple of years to up his retirement pay. But I would say go for it, you won't regret it. Unless you don't like snow. :-)


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      Sorry, didn't answer your questions very well. Shift is 24-48 and they were up to 13 Kelly days when I left. Vacation was good, benefits are good (though they used to pay NOTHING for medical, no co-pay etc.) They had a killer sick leave package, but I think the admin was gunning to take that away in the last contract(6 months leave per injury. How they got that? It's a looong story). You tend to bounce a bit after you get off probation. They did a decent job of keeping us in place my last couple years but I was pretty much a floater for the first 7 years! Driver is a tested position. Out-of-class if you drive or ride the seat. most stations are 1 rig, so 3-4 guys. Chow was mostly do DIY or maybe share something spur of the moment. But that was changing too. You had guys coming in who wanted to have more of the traditional shared meals. We had a driver who was a KILLER cook, and did a shared lunch and dinner almost every shift.


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        Does anyone know if Spokane Valley has its own test or will they outsource for the test coming up april 17th? Are there any practice exams/study material? Thanks.


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          Test Results

          I received my score in the mail... Got an 88%... Not good enough to get in the top 60. Anybody make it through? Whats the cutoff score for the top 60?

          Good luck.


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            Spokane Valley Fire

            Trying to bring this thread back to life. I recently tested with SVFD and am moving on to the PAT in June. Just wondering if anyone has any info regarding if and how many they are anticipating on hiring. I've been doing research online about the department but any general info anyone might have would be very helpful for preparing for the possibility of an oral board. Thanks again.


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              Up coming test

              Does anyone know any info on the up coming test on the 13th? What the written is like, how many there are looking to hire, etc.



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