I posted a message Monday,on Henrico
& Chesterfield FFs being heroes,and
they are,I
just wanted to say to all of you...
I know you are,too.

I cannot put into words what it
has done,the impact that has
been made in my life,because of
being around people like you.

I have see a lot on the inside,
I've seen the many hours of
endless training,constant study,
new things to constantly learn,
the endless stream of calls.I have
seen you take money out of your own
pockets to help victims you don't
even know.I've seen you standing
on sidewalks at malls,grocery stores,
shopping centers-holding up a boot to
help a worthy cause.I've seen you
made a child giggle,coloring a
picture with them,teaching them
how to be aware and safe.I've seen you
rescue an animal and get it breathing again.

There isn't enough space,nor enough
words to say what should be said.The
stories...there are enough to tell
into eternity...

In my small way,I am trying
to make others aware of what you do.
I am trying to tell those stories in
a good way.I know you don't punch
a clock,sit down and have an easy day...
I want the world to know it,too.

God bless you all and may he
keep you safe.I want you know
you have not only my admiration,
and gratefulness (I have many debts
to repay Fire/EMS from my own
experiences in life),but you have

Becky Robinette Wright