Chesterfield Fire/Rescue and Henrico
and Dive and Rescue,what a great
team.A lot of lives were saved
this morning.The more I see,
the more impressed I am.

And not to leave out Richmond,
they're a hard working bunch,

If I get in a crisis situation
and I see this group coming for
me,I know I 'll be just fine.
A couple of miracles happened today
for some civilians who wouldn't have
been here tomorrow...because of
excellent team work and endless
training.Several jurisdictions
coming together as one-what a beautiful

I will not see a more fitting story
broadcast on Memorial Day anywhere.
This is it in live action.The army
is the Firefighters/EMS soldiers.The enemy
is tragedies,fires,accidents and disasters.
The tools...apparatus,and endless training.
The battles-many.

I hope my Firefighter/EMS friends that
today,humble a bunch as you all are,
that you will hold your heads a little higher,
and in your caring hearts know,that yes you
are making a difference.You are important.
You are a blessing to many.

Happy Memorial is truly an honor
to know you,to see your work,and
to know you are there.

Becky Robinette Wright
Chesterfield County