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POV Lights Virginia

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  • POV Lights Virginia


    I am moving to Virginia and am joining two rescue squads and one fire Co. I have been researching POV light laws and I can't find very much info.

    I read Virginia code § 46.2-1024 and need some clarification. It says that your vehicle can be equipped with "no more than two flashing or steady-burning red or red and white combination warning lights." How do they classify a light? I am wondering about LEDs.

    1) Do they consider a unit a light? Like this Light bar?

    2) Or do they consider a string of LEDs a light? Like would the red part be one light and the white part be a second light on this unit?

    -Virginia code § 46.2-1024
    Any member of a fire department, volunteer fire company, or volunteer rescue squad, any ambulance driver employed by a privately owned ambulance service, and any police chaplain may equip one vehicle owned by him with no more than two flashing or steady-burning red or red and white combination warning lights of types approved by the Superintendent. Warning lights permitted by this section shall be lit only when answering emergency calls. A vehicle equipped with lighting devices as authorized in this section shall be operated by a police chaplain only if he has successfully completed a course of training in the safe operation of a motor vehicle under emergency conditions and a certificate attesting to such successful completion, signed by the course instructor, is carried at all times in the vehicle when operated by the police chaplain to whom the certificate applies.

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    No matter who you ask, from your local deputy to trooper to vehicle inspector, you'll get a different answer as to what a "light" is. I really wish the Attorney General's office would provide clarification on it.

    What area are you moving to?

    Keep it low-key and you should be fine. Remember, it's a 100% courtesy light and there are no provisions for POV's to break traffic laws in Virginia.
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      I am planning on going to the local sheriffs office to ask them.

      I'm moving to just outside Harrisonburg in Rockingham County.

      I was just planning on getting a small LED roof mount bar. Nothing too fancy.

      Thanks for your help!


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        Harrisonburg and the surrounding areas in the County are growing exponentially. That's a great area. Be sure to visit the Harrisonburg Rescue Squad to see their new rescue company when you make it down.

        Let me know what the local SO says. I teach EVOC in many areas of the Commonwealth, and the answers you get (it means two light bulbs, it means two lenses, it means two light bars) are all over the place.
        Career Fire Captain
        Volunteer Chief Officer

        Never taking for granted that I'm privileged enough to have the greatest job in the world!


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          The Harrisonburg Rescue Squad is one of the the rescue squads that I'm planning on joining. I'll be living in Singers Glen which is about 10 miles outside of Harrisonburg. I'll be joining the Fire Dept. and Rescue Squad in there.

          I'll definitely let you know what they tell me.


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            You mentioned earlier that it is a 100% courtesy light. So that means that drivers are not legally required to do anything? I'm from Vermont where if you do not pull over and stop, you can be fined, ect. Below is Virginia code § 46.2-920. Does it only apply to official FD/RS vehicles and not to permitted POVs?



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              You're correct, §46.2-920 only applies to emergency vehicles, which are required to meet the definitions provided in §46.2-1022 AND §46.2-1023. Lighting on personal vehicles (§46.2-1024) doesn't fall under section 920. Therefore, drivers in the Commonwealth can not be summoned by law enforcement for failure to yield to POV's, even if they're using courtesy lights.
              Career Fire Captain
              Volunteer Chief Officer

              Never taking for granted that I'm privileged enough to have the greatest job in the world!


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                Ok, that's good to know!


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