Firehouse Promotions fundraiser not registered with state
StoryDiscussionFirehouse Promotions fundraiser not registered with state
Lana Creer-Harris - Daily Herald Daily Herald

A company raising money for firefighters outside of Utah, but soliciting donation inside the state, is now under investigation.

"Firehouse Promotions is not registered to solicit for charitable donations in Utah," said Jennifer Bolton, Department of Commerce spokeswoman. The charities division will continue to investigate the telephone solicitation company, she added.

Last week a company representing itself as fundraising for the Spanish Fork Fire Department, but which isn't affiliated with the department, was contacting Spanish Fork Chamber of Commerce members. The company, which identified itself as Firehouse Promotions, called businesses selling memo board ads purportedly to benefit the Spanish Fork Fire Department.

"We don't solicit on the phone. The only fundraising we do is the Fiesta Days Duck Race and the Stock Show beef fundraiser," said Brent Jarvis, Spanish Fork Fire Chief.