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  • Lone Peak Chief Quits

    Questions surround Lone Peak Fire Chief's resignation

    Caleb Warnock

    Lone Peak Fire District chief, Craig Carlisle, poses for a portrait on Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at the Lone Peak Fire station in Highland. The fire station is celebrating its first year. ASHLEY FRANSCELL/Daily Herald .
    ..Why has the chief over fire and EMS response in Alpine, Highland and Cedar Hills resigned?

    On Tuesday, representatives of those cities met jointly to accept the abrupt resignation of Lone Peak Fire Chief Craig Carlisle, who has worked here for more than three decades.

    At his home on Thursday, Carlisle said that it was premature for him to speak about his departure because he was seeking an investigation. He declined to elaborate, except to say that he may speak publicly at a future time. He confirmed that he is no longer working for the fire department in any capacity.

    "That's the first time I've heard of that," said Cedar Hills city manager Konrad Hildebrandt of an investigation. "He should probably call me." Hildebrandt, who oversees the Lone Peak Fire and EMS for all three cities, said there is no active investigation. He said he knew of no cause for Carlisle's resignation.

    "Within the fire department, I'm not sure there was anything he disagreed with or anything of that type," Hildebrandt said. "He chose to resign."

    When telling the cities his reason for resignation, Carlisle listed only his desire to pursue other options, Hildebrandt said.

    "He's going to pursue other things," Hildebrandt said. "I'm not sure exactly what he is going to pursue. Me and Lone Peak and everyone in the cities, we do appreciate and thank him for his many years of service. He has been with the district since it started in 1999 and before that a volunteer for 25 years or more. We wish him the best."

    Brad Freeman has been appointed interim chief, overseeing 12 full-time fire and EMS workers, as well as up to 30 part-time staff. The district is taking the opportunity of Carlisle's resignation to analyze how other fire departments are run and possibly make a future change in the organizational structure. Or no changes may be made. And Freeman may only serve for a time, or he may be the permanent chief.

    "We feel very comfortable with him," Hildebrandt said. "We may just say Freeman is our guy."

    Morale in the department is good, and the cities are well protected, he said.

    "We have a dang good fire department and highly qualified guys," Hildebrandt said.
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