To ALL Firefighters and EMTS

American Land and Leisure who runs many of our campgrounds is offering up a Big Thank You for what you do. Anyone presenting their certs while staying at Strawberry Lake and willing to help if called upon by your campground host in an emergency will receive one night free camping. So haul the campers and tents up for a couple of nights and get one of them for free. There are signs all over Strawberry and it's surrounding areas stating this. Tell any responder you know they can be from any state and other states that AL&L controls may be offering this discount very soon as well.

There are some Kokanee Salmon fishing contests going on. Catch a Kok and put the picture on the Strawberry Lake Facebook page and if it ends up being the biggest you stand to win a Camp Chef Smoke Vault.

Spread the word and GO CAMPING!!

Eric Grange
GRANTSVILLE Fire Department