To all the Tennesse Fire & EMS,

My friends,my heart and prayers
go out to you.What a terrible tragedy.
Please know that more people than
you can imagine are sending their love
and concern to you,the family and
everyone this has touched.

Yours,is not a 9-5 job.Yours is not
a job of ease.Yours is not a job
of material riches...your job is
a calling,a sacrifice,hard back breaking
work,heartbreaking work sometimes,
it's facing things that a grown man
or woman should never have to face,
seeing things no-one should ever
have to see...putting your life
on the line for people who will never
know your name...and yet willing... do it over and
over...saving lives,protecting property,
serving without expecting a reward,
sometimes giving your life for

God bless you all for who you
are and what you do...

Becky Robinette Wright
Chesterfield County,Va.
[email protected]