political coruption

Looking for information.......
Recently lost out on bid for fire chiefs job....Have been Deputy Chief for past 13 years and acting chief for past six months in which time I turned around a huge budget deficit without having to cut out any staffing or services ( previous chief was a very poor budget manager) The person I lost out to was the previous chiefs' son who was a Lt. for the past 5 years ( appointed by his father , no management experience). The
x chief is good friends with several selectmen and has spent the past six months working to get his son the chiefs job .The selectboard did a real dog and pony show to make it look good.. The selectmen that appointed him stated it was because they liked his idea of forming duty groups to respond to fire calls ( we are a paid/ call dept.) this will save money. The adjustments I made in the past six months have already saved a significant amount of money without putting anyone in danger by cutting our response .

If anyone has any information of similar cases where this has happened and was challenged in court I would be interested in this information .

Thanks.. dchydesr @aol