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Fire Departments !!

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  • Fire Departments !!

    What is up everyone ? its been forever since anyone has talked on this thread !!! anyone got any good news about hirings or depts that are going to be hiring ? well hopefully i will start it up again i recently took the central falls test and think it was good i know only 78 people took it and they want to hire 2 with a grant hoping for 5 more ! providence is dying and all the depts around the state need to update their lists !!! so this is good news depending on how the governor screws the depts. anyways i have been testing for 3 years now i am firefighter 1+2 hazmat ops,tech, emt-c, fema ics 100,200,700,800, awr-160 and gonna keep on with the training and hopefully the dream will come true ! hope everyone in this state trying gets a chance !!!

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    I have heard my department is putting in for a grant to hire 5 people but don't know much about that. I believe we are now down about 22 guys at this point and have several retiring by summers end. There is no talk of hiring other than the 5 if the grant comes through. Departments are struggling to keep what they have and the picture is bleak. It is great that you have all of the certs but it will mean nothing if you get on one of the larger departments. You will have to do all of it over again in each cities academy. The only thing they really care about is the EMT-C. If the thieves at the state house ever push through some of their pension reform stuff, they will bankrupt every city and town in the state. We have probably 30 guys that will retire if anything gets taken away from them and I can only imagine Warwick has the same and Providence must have many more than that.
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      thanks tom i understand the thing about the certs i have just kept trying to add to the resume thats all its mandatory i get them due to the fact i work at a paid dept now in the state!.. wish cranston and all these depts gave residency points too. the way this pension situation is going i feel for everyone on the job my whole family is on throughout the state and they are all ready to either ride it out or throw in the towel. one thing that this state is famous for its not what you know its who you know and that is a shame i have been in the situation first hand. at some point the guys on do get older and there will be a need for rookies just hope the governor doesnt screw the guys on now. im just gonna take every test possible till i get a break providence, wwfd, nkfd, epfd, barrington, and pawtucket should all be doing another process even if they dont hire. cranston is were i want to be i grew up here went to school here i know the guys on i just dont test amazingly thats the downside. thanks for the reply back though if you hear anything around the state keep us posted !


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        Warwick started the second academy off its 2008 list about 6 weeks ago. I believe we need to make another list in the spring so watch for that. We hired only 10 guys this time around even though we are down about 22-23 as well. We just had one retire last month and we have 20+ who could toss in the towel any day now. We have a lot of BC's coming up on a year or more which means unless they feel they are gonna get chief 1's job, they arent hanging around for much anymore. I suspect several will go soon. So in a nut shell, I can see Warwick hiring again with in the next year to year in a half. Lots of guys saying this was their last contract so well see...


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