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  • #2

    Lets have some truth?

    Ok we'll have some truth served up
    nice and hot.

    In 2005 a group very closely associated
    with you came to ground zero and total
    asses of themselves. Two grpups come
    to mind

    A. Loosechange: Same Group who ripped
    off the firefighters of E7 L1 connected
    to the naudet brothers 911 presentation.
    Yes, ripped off brother firefighters so they
    Could make a profit at $17.95 a pop. Even
    Stole from after the anniversary as a way
    to pay me back after screwing up your day at
    Ground zero. Thats why you only should the edited
    Version on both LC 1 and 2 extra. Cause you didnt want
    to show your buddies wingtv funny act.

    We'll get to wingtv in a few seconds but Id like to continue
    with some truth ,ok?

    Lets discuss Mr Barry Jennings (RIP) former WTC OEM-OEC/

    I like how Dylan Avery acts all concermed about Mr Jennings condition.
    But I know its really because loosechange is now under investigation
    in posible connection to his demise. Oh yes, Dylan Jason Korey be very worried cause if the "high price" Private Investigator "gave back all that money"then told you "never to call him again" and being the fool that you
    are admit that you violated Mr Jennings wishes to "not show the interview"
    and you breached the contract anyway..

    If God forbid he committed suicide because of the emotional duress you caused him to suffer and made the money that you paid the "high price" PI with then that makes you an accessory to the fact.

    That why as you clearly admitted "the private investigator turned over to the

    You getting enough truth yet?

    Cause theres plenty more in the pot...

    B. Wingtv: hmmmm lets see
    If you like to associate with borderline child porn
    Promoters as compatriots for 9-1 truth and you protected
    by editing their foul behavior two LC produtions in a row.
    You aint truth.

    Now I believe if your going to win the public you got to provide

    So anyone wanting to see what loosechange wearechange alex jone
    NY911truth/les jamison aefor911truth dont mind associating with
    check out "the blow up doll" by victor thorn aka scot magufka.

    Quite an interesting crowd there, "truther"

    Funny no one questions the circumstances behind
    Danny Wallaces demise?

    Cause your people are sure quiet when it comes to that

    I wonder why?

    He is the original creator of WeAreChange which was created
    to honor his father FDNY Lt Robert Wallace. But when he began to
    see the new gimmick "Helping Dying First Responders" he started to
    back away didnt he?

    He new it was fraud because luke from wearechange lost
    his bank when les started robbing donation and cut you off.
    Then danny passed and now dannys ex girlfriend is hot and bothered
    with luke.

    Luke and sabrina like using Lt Wallace to claim lost 911 family as a
    gimmick to gain access to vips like giuliani. Luke just got arrested for criminal tresspass trying to get at bloomberg and has a criminal appearence in ny court. Sabrina controls the money.

    I'll continue some more truth tommorrow if you like.

    I just want to leave you with this before I leave:


    Get lost

    Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)
    FDNY Aux Fire Corps
    Former NYPD Aux Po


    • #3

      Google: "JREF"
      "Richard Gage Still Begging For Dollars"

      Why would a famouse Architech be asking
      for people to send him money or be asking
      asking "Take An Architech To Lunch"?

      Why would Seattle firemen get into cohoots
      with people who ripped off brother ny firmen
      Engine 7 Ladder 1 who actually went through 911 then come
      acting like no one knows sbout it?

      Strange goings on indeed.

      Definately more to come....

      Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)
      FDNY Auxiliary Fire Corps


      • #4
        Oh wait

        Something new...

        It seems Richard Gage is pushing
        the "NYC Ballot Initiative for new 911
        investigation" using the jersey girls as

        I'll put the post up in a few...

        Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)
        FDNY Aux Fire Corps


        • #5
          When the naudet bros sued loosechange the loosechange
          minions began harrassing and threatening the lawyers.

          Pretty much the same thing they did to Mr Barry Jennings
          when he ask you "not to show the interview"

          Harrassed him at work harrassed him at his home

          Thats why dylan avery went to his (barry jennings) home
          and "saw the home empty"

          Can you say "accessory to the fact?"

          Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)
          FDNY Aux Fire Corps


          • #6
            oh I almost left out the coup de gra

            Les Jamieson(ny ballot initiative)who is tied with
            Richard "Im Hungry" Gage
            Was most happy to have as his guest the
            guy who appaudid the 911 attacks.
            The guy who called the victims lost on
            911 "little eichmans". The professor from Col.state
            Remember him?

            Theres an interesting write up
            about it at JREF by (Gravy)
            Mark Roberts.

            Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)
            FDNY Aux Fire Corps


            • #7
              Les Jamieson promotes:

              "The victims (little eichmans) of 911 deserved to die"
              Ward Churchill

              Les Jamieson is very close associate of
              Richard "Im Starving" Gage

              Les Jamieson is behind the NYCCAN Ballot
              Initiative for new 911 investigation.

              How Quaint?

              Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)
              FDNY Aux Fire Corps


              • #8
                I like to keep things fair
                so as a obligation to the people
                and the victims and their families of
                the september 11 attacks,

                Heres Les Jamiesons Email contact:
                [email protected]

                and if you would like to meet him
                in person he lives in Brooklyn on
                51st and 4th ave on the first house
                on the northside of the block just
                off 4ave.

                Im sure he would like to know how
                everyone feels about this.

                Hey Erik "with a K"
                You recieved numerous emails from
                regarding the issues yesterday.

                I guess you're all bent out of shape shape over this?

                Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)
                FDNY Aux Fire Corps


                • #9
                  Hey Erik,

                  Must be nice being celebrity and all?
                  Couldn't get an FDNY guy so they settle for some guys from
                  3000 miles away.
                  Who crawls into bed with dirtbags looking to
                  scam for dollars.

                  Are any of the proceeds (profit) going to
                  911 familied struggling to
                  Pay their bills? NO

                  Is any of it going to the orphins of 911? NO

                  So where is all that money going?




                  • #10
                    Et Tu Brutus ????



                    • #11
                      If anyone would like to the "superstars"
                      Luke and Sabrina they are signing autographs
                      every saturday afternoond in front of wtc7 from 12-3
                      They'll happy to answer questions about public disclosure
                      regarding. " the funds for dying first responders"

                      You know ?

                      The gimmick

                      Yes, sabrina will love to answer questions like

                      1. Did luke introduce you to Danny

                      2. How were you the first person on scene when
                      Danny passes? The details
                      3. How long did you know Lt Robert Wallace?
                      4. Why are you claiming " lost family status"
                      yet use it to do "stunt shows" for youtube
                      like the "stunt show" at the 2007 anniversary ?

                      Stay tuned...



                      • #12
                        Regarding the last post in refference
                        to the "superstars" Luke and Sabrina

                        Lets here around of applause for the dirtbags, everybody!!!

                        Well, it seems a relative also has questions

                        Regarding the first question One

                        Danny and Sabrina were together for 6 to 8 years.

                        It seems Sabrina has some explaining to do because
                        it seems she has told "four" different "stories" regarding
                        the details over the events of dannys passing.

                        It seems also that Danny wasnt really into the "gimmick"
                        of Lukes power ranger show.

                        I can say personally that after meeting danny HE WAS REAL.

                        Luke and Dylan want everyone to the "goverment did it"

                        They used danny from the start and are continuing to use
                        the family for access to 911 events even after the family begged
                        them to stop.

                        Erik from firefighters for 911truth got involved with wearechange
                        seatle and los angeles.

                        If he is as dedicated as he claims to be he would have known about
                        this already.




                        • #13
                          Sorry if the reading is hard on the eyes.

                          Im a fighter not a writer.
                          If its put here its because it needed to be.

                          Im from the Po' side of town where
                          hands were used for street purposes.

                          School was a luxery



                          • #14
                            For the last time:

                            The wingtv article is false
                            slandered me because they were
                            called out. They expect that I was
                            Reading fintan dunne article CIA fakes
                            I took the time to ask them about it at
                            the anniversary infront of eberyone.

                            Thats proof the LC boys edited there extra
                            Video. The wingtv got their feelings hurt
                            so on the next wrongtv wrote a false bs
                            artcle amd the "truth movement" smeared
                            my name.

                            You look at the Villagevoice "Conspiracy theorist
                            invade ground zero" by sarah ferguson

                            Google "My New Hero Paul Isaac Jr" by JREF (Pat)

                            Demecraticunderground "vilagevoice covers 911 protest"

                            Loosechange 1st and 2nd edition extravideo

                            The thought that people can stand on holy ground
                            disrespecting sacred ground is astounding to say
                            the least.

                            Paul Isaac (NYsentinel)
                            FDNY Aux Fire Corps


                            • #15
                              But I will say this for the record
                              Record. I do support for a new

                              Until Giulianis statement is place in the
                              Commission History open for examination
                              its not valid.

                              The American People deserve it.
                              They sure have hell earned it

                              Blood Sweat and Tears



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                              Upper 300x250