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  • Butterfield Enterprises - Dale Butterfield

    To all:

    We are seeking other vendors and or departments who have been either "deadbeated" on outstanding invoices or whom have been defrauded in any way by Butterfield Enterprises or by Dale Butterfield on behalf of Butterfield Enterprises located in both Monongahela PA and Wixon MI.

    We intend to contact as many departments and businesses as possible to add to the list of those we already have who are in need of collections from this company for a group class action lawsuit against the above company. Any interested parties may contact me via Email [email protected]

    Thank you for your kind attention and be safe to one and all.

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    Just an update...still no payment or replies from Dale Butterfield. He has moved his business presumably to start off in a new area where he is unknown. He has opened shop in Youngstown Ohio. Beware to all vendors and prospective customers on this individual. And to those who doubt my motives I have a one inch thick file from this particular debtor including all dates that myself and our collections agent have been promosed payment. Happy holidays to one and all!


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      Well just a quick update and FYI to everyone...we are still chasing Dale Butterfield of Butterfield enterprises and here is the latest.

      He closed his doors in PA and jumped the border to Warren Ohio. He has also changed the name of the business to Northeast Ohio emergency vehicle services...

      Beware to all out there he is a poor businessman who has owed us a large sum of money for well over a year and apparently has no intent to pay. As for his apparatus, well just ask Franklin Township in the Pocono region how things worked out and I think it will paint an interesting picture.

      We have teamed up with two other vendors to whom Dale owes money as well as one DA's office but the more the merrier.

      Good luck to all and stay safe.


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        The story continues...

        FYI...apparently now Dale has a new angle to try and get set up with vendors. He is having someone named Phil Bruss contact potential vendors in an attempt to obtain terms. To date Dale is more than a year and a half in arrears and has no intention in paying. We continue our efforts and thanks to all the vendors who have been contacting us subsequent to these posts.

        Best regards.


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          OK...so the latest on this.

          Mr Butterfield has dropped off the face of the earth and we are still unable to get any response from him or retain full or partial payment. He did send us an email trying to pass himself off as a vendor who wanted to state that he is a good guy...the only problem was that it came from HIS OWN email address and was not forwarded.

          Additionally we have been in contact with a gentleman named Chris Holmes with a fire departement in the area of Ellsworth Maine. Apparently their department sent Butterfield Enterprises $8000.00 towards the purchase of apparatus which they never saw and can now not get any response on where their money might be or how to get it back.

          Although I do not want to list Mr Holmes' contact information here you may certainly feel free to contact me directly for it to confirm the information contained herein.

          Have a safe and happy holiday season!


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            Det/Sgt Jeffrey Lewis Milton Police District

            I am very interested in any information you have of how Dale Butterfield has defrauded vendors. Dale has partnered with Phil Bruss of the Lake Milton Fire Department in Ohio. The FD paid an $8500.00 bill for parts to this N.E. Ohio Emergency Vehicles through a deal Phil made for parts and never paid the real supplier Akron Brass. I am told they have created a new company B & B Emergency Vehicle Services under Phil's daughters name to continue the scam. Please forward any paperwork to my email [email protected] it would be very helpful our case.


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