Becky Robinette Wright
P.O.Box 37334
Richmond,Virginia 23234-7334
[email protected]


I doing an article on
the tornado yesterday.
I would appreciate if
anyone knows the stations
that responded,to direct
me to them.

I am aiming this
promises..all of my
work doesn't get published
but I would like the info.

I need contacts quick as possible.

To see samples of my work,I have a
story under photostories/hotshots
Albemarle Fatal MVA.I also have
several articles under Virginia.
For another sample: on
SIRENS 2003.I also have numerous
posts under different Firehouse Forums,
my sign on name is fungirlwriter.

Your name does not have to
used unless you wish it,
I'm just gathering information.

stay low,be safe,
If you call-doesn't matter the hour!