Hi there,

If this a violation of the forum rules, we aplogize. We're trying rapidly to spread the word because the goal of this song and tour is to raise public awareness of the local Fire Department and we need all of your help to make this happen.

Just in case you haven’t heard it yet, country singer/songwriter Paul Cummings, a member of the Bergen Fire Department, has written and recorded a song dedicated to Firefighters.

We encourage you to download it for free and pass it to all your members and anyone you know. The goal is to bring the public up close and personal with the Fire Department and since there has never been a song truly dedicated to Firefighters, this is a good way.

To listen and download the song, please visit www.pauljcummings.com/firefighters.html

A Nationwide Tour is being set up right now thanks to this song. Nashville Recording Artist Derek Joseph will be teaming up with Paul for the “The Paul Cummings and Derek Joseph American Firehouse Tour.” The tour will kick off September 11th, 2010 in New York City, and end March 11, 2011 in San-Diego California.

The tour will be making 4 stops in your region so if you’d like more information on how your department can be included, please let us know and someone will be in touch and ready to send out our packet of details. It’s about time someone stood up and honored our nations Fire Departments.

E-Mail [email protected] or call 585-755-0141. Thanks!

Thanks so much and also for your continued service.