In light of an incident that took place near Rochester, NY over a year ago, one topic that I believe should also be of concern to every fire department as well as the police is domestic violence, particularly when the use of fire as a weapon to burn down a house or do other harm is involved. I am not sure of how many other incidents of fires there were involving domestic violence as a factor in getting fires started, but I am sure that many of you have answered quite a few such calls. I have been involved in the fight against domestic violence quite some time before joining my hometown fire department in Wyoming County in a support role. Farah Faucett's movie, The Burning Bed, was based on a true story. How many such incidents I am not sure, but I am sure any fire chief will tell me that he and his people have had to deal with some. I have a website on the net that I hope those of you read this will check out. It contains a wealth of information and some editorials you may or may not agree with, but the premise is that domestic violence DOES play a role in at least some of the arson fires that you have to fight. Here is the address to the website: It is part of the growing PeaceClinic Network, of which I am proud to be a part. Like you wonderful firefighters, my mission,too, is to save lives, though in a different way. God bless you all and may you all return from your calls safe and sound.