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Rockland County 911 Changes

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  • Rockland County 911 Changes

    (New City, New York-AP) -- Emergency calls made from cell phones
    in Rockland County will soon be answered by local dispatchers
    rather than by distant state police.
    The state 9-1-1 Board has given Rockland County permission to
    have Rockland calls answered by dispatchers from the county
    sheriff's office as soon as next month.
    Currently, such calls are answered by state police, usually in
    Orange County but sometimes much farther away.
    In 2001, four men from New Jersey crashed into the woods near
    Bear Mountain and their 911 call reached state police in Monroe,
    Orange County. Partly because they were unable to tell the police
    where they were, the rescue took six hours.
    Pablo Ramos, Rockland's 9-1-1 coordinator, says Rockland
    emergency calls are best made on regular phones - because addresses
    can be pinpointed.
    Ramos says Rockland has five major carriers Nextel, A-T-and-T,
    Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile and he expects all cellular phone
    companies to be hooked up within six months.

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    As a Rockland firefighter, I can tell you the current method of receiving 911 calls from cell phones is a horror. 9 times out of 10, the call is received at SP in Monroe and then transferred. Recently a fellow Rockland FF was driving through Harriman State Park when his car caught fire. He dialed 911 and after several attempts got through to SP Monroe who transferred the call to 44-Control in Pomona. By the time the FD was dispatched it had been a good 30 minutes since his initial call.

    I'm looking forward to see how the new system works and see what the effect on response times will be.


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