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    I'm starting preliminary work on some by-law changes, one focus of which will be to better define our classes of membership.

    Of course, we have active membership - pretty much like everyone. Several activity requirements, dues, etc.

    Some years ago we established "life membership," automatic at 20 years unless specially conferred. This is the area where we need to tighten things up. I'm trying to put together some proposals for a yet-to-be-established bylaw committee.

    At present, we have "active life members" which are just like regular active members, except they don't have to pay dues. Same activity requirements, etc.

    We also have "inactive life members," which are those who haven't met the activity requirements. We have some established restrictions, but they aren't as explicit as they should be. That's another area to be addressed.

    I'd like to establish a category (called other than "inactive life member") for these folks. The idea would be that they could request such status, or would fall into it if they failed to meet activity requirements. Becoming active again would require them to submit a written request.

    "Exempt" would seem to fit, except that "exempt fireman" has a legal definition which doesn't square with the concept I'm shooting for.

    Anybody have a similar membership structure? What do you call these folks?
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    We just revamped our bylaws a couple years back for similar reasons. We used to have an "Active Life Membership" category and an "Inactive Life Membership" category. For both categories, a member previously had to apply for it. Now, we have Life Membership that is automatically earned (i.e. no application to fill out) after 25 years of Active Membership. Our Life Members don't pay dues, can vote at meetings and elections and retain their "Life" status regardless of how many meetings/drills they attend. We also spell out that if they want to do firematic stuff or run for office, they simply have to meet those requirements listed under the Active Membership category.

    Most important thing to remember though...bylaws don't mean much unless everyone knows about them, uses them and the officers enforce them.

    PM me if you'd like a copy of our bylaws. It's tough to explain them on this forum without copy/pasting them.



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