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Annual OSHA and PESH Training Requirements

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  • Annual OSHA and PESH Training Requirements

    I would greatly appreciate it if someone can provide me with a checklist (or listing) of hours and types of OSHA and PESH annual training requirements.

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Try calling OFPC @ 474-6746
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      Good luck with that.

      We tried to find a definitive listing as well as a source document indicating EXACTLY what is required and by whom in NYS. The best we could find was a memo from many years ago with recommended topics and times for each topic. And believe me, we looked.

      This is what we found:
      General Hazard Recognition (1 hour)
      Fire station Safety (2 hours)
      Response Safety (2 hours)
      Fire Scene Safety (2 hours)
      Protective Clothing (3 hours)
      S.C.B.A. (3 hours)
      Tool and Equipment Safety (2 hours)

      You'll notice that this list totals 15Hrs while standard OSHA refresher courses are usually 8Hrs.

      I understand completely that these are minimums and are easily covered during the course of normal training and drills. The key, as with most of these things, is proper documentation (which can be challenging in a small volunteer department.)

      My problem is that if you're being held to a standard, you should have access to the documents that establish that standard and there shouldn't be any question on what the standard is. Most people want to comply but can't define what they're supposed to comply with.


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        Ya I got the same list...naturally it would be much easier and nicer to have something a little more concrete - but it is what it is.

        Thanks again!


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          Some time back I asked OFPC if they could put together an outline, maybe some handouts and the like, for several iterations of the eight hour course. It would give local fire departments something to work from. They would still have to put together the day's worth of subjects, but with several "curriculums" to work from, they could avoid regurgitating the same stuff year after year. This would be particularly useful in the "current trends" segment of the refresher.

          That 15 hours sounds like the original/initial class (covered in FF1).

          I have something somewhere in my files - I'll have to root around and see if I can find it.
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