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    ARA Safety Inc.: Home in Prominent Shelter Island, New York Ablaze; Saved by the FIT-5 Fire Fighting Device
    July 2, 2008 2:27 PM EDT

    VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - July 2, 2008) - ARA Safety Inc. -
    As the first firefighter to arrive at the Shelter Island, New York house fire, Shelter Island Fire Department First Assistant Fire Chief William Rowland made a decision that likely saved the burning home - he used ARA Safety's FIT-5, a new handheld fire interruption device that quickly knocked down a basement fire and protected the home from potentially being engulfed in flames.
    The FIT-5 is gaining recognition as a supplementary tool in aiding fire fighters in challenging interior fires, including basement fires. This is the third FIT-5 deployment over the last seven months in the New York / New Jersey region.
    In December 2007, the FIT-5 was credited with saving buildings and lives following a third floor house fire in Port Jervis, New York; and in May 2008, a fire department in West Milford, New Jersey, put out a basement fire by using the FIT-5. Currently, 23 fire departments in the East Coast are equipped to use the FIT-5 to extinguish structure fires, similar to the Shelter Island basement fire.
    "Basement fires are uniquely difficult and dangerous to fight. This can be further amplified in areas like Shelter Island where there is limited access to water," said Michael Gardiner, ARA Safety Director of Marketing. "ARA Safety's FIT-5 can be an especially important tool in the toolbox in these circumstances."
    At the Shelter Island fire, First Assistant Fire Chief Rowland kicked down the basement door and activated the FIT-5 which emitted a non-toxic aerosol powder that quickly suppressed the basement fire - which originated in an electrical panel - and decreased the amount of water required to fight the fire.
    "As the first to respond, I had limited resources and time to extinguish the fire," said Rowland. "The FIT-5 knocked down the fire prevented its spread, and bought five minutes until 32 volunteers from my department arrived at the scene."
    Rowland and his volunteers remained at the scene for 1.5 hours and used only 250 gallons of water to fully extinguish the fire as opposed to 750 - 1000 gallons that would have normally been used.
    "Without the FIT-5, we would have required at least three more hours to fully extinguish the fire. The FIT-5 saved the home and made interior attack safe," said Rowland.
    Brian Lynch, owner of US Fire Tech Corp., the ARA Authorized Dealer that provided the unit to Shelter Island Fire Department said that he is proud to have played a role in protecting a home.
    US Fire Tech


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    Connecticut State Fire Academy
    Oct 8, 2008
    FIT-5 Training Session

    With regards to our live session, held 10/8/08.


    Our training session on October 8th at The State Fire Academy went absolutly perfect.

    The State Fire Insructors and those in attendance were amazed with the performance of the FIT 5.

    The fire was knocked down and the temp dropped from over 1000 degrees to under 200 degrees within 30 seconds.

    All in attendance can vouch for the products usefulness as an additional tool in our arsenol.

    We are in the process of putting together an info sheet regarding the training session.

    Although my words are totally credible, the MOST credible thoughts/comments will come from those CT ff's who were present.

    Please give us a few days to compile this information. I am hoping to also include contact info for those present.

    This is a new innovation, I fully expect some doubts/hesitation from the fire service.

    Perhaps, comments from your colleagues will persuade you to take a closer look at The FIT 5

    Call me anytime.


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