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  • Thank you

    In late July I took my family on vacation in Laconia New Hampshire (South Down Shores) On the second day of our vacation, while walking with my pregnant wife, my 3 year old son nearly amputated the tips of his finger. A small piece of skin held the tip on. Hearing the scream of my wife from the shock of the site of my son's dangling fingertip an off-duty fireman on vacation came running. Having nothing else to turnicate the wound he pulled off his shirt and held the tip on tightly until the ambulance arrived, all the while comforting my son telling him that everything would be OK.

    At the emergency room at Lakes Regional they put six stitches in his finger to reattach it. It is fine now and even the nail has grown back.

    I don't know the name of this good samaratin. When asked he refused to give it, believeing that the act was the important thing, not the man who did it. I would like to find him and thanik him for the invaluable comfort and care he gave my family that day. I'm sure he has done more heroic things in his day, but none that so directly affected me and my family.

    Unfortunately I will probably never know his identity so I offer a thanks to any firefighter who reads this from the civilians that you help and never have a chance to thank you.


    Matt Byrne

  • #2
    Unfortunately alot of the folks who live in Southdown and Long Bay are from out of state. The firefighter could have been and most likely was from Massachusetts or Connecticut as none of our firefighters lives in the neighborhood. I will pass this post by the Deputy Thursday when I go back on duty and see what we have logged in the system but if he didn't give you his name I bet he didn't provide it for us either.
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