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  • BIG RIG RESCUE Trng Registration info

    May 15/16/17, 2015 Harrison, Maine

    A fundraiser for the Sweden Fire Association

    Look out...BRR™ will be invading Maine this spring. During the invasion responders will come face-to-face with very challenging yet realistic big rig vs smaller vehicle scenarios. This training isn't for the beginner, or even novice. Bring all your knowledge and skills, 'cause you'll need them. You will learn that all overturns/underrides are the same, no matter where or when. Join us, and be tested! Learn about heavy rigging tools and skills plus more than you ever wanted to know about timber cribbing. The book you'll be provided is nearly 300 pages.

    Just when you think it can’t get worse, think again. Overheard on the secret BAT phone are top-secret plans; totally wicked no less. BRR™ training is 5-Star World-Class no less, and definitely for the pros. Meet some serious mangled metal. Don’t be afraid, you'll have the knowledge and skills to meet the challenges. Not to mention seasoned, professional drill instructors (yep, the ole DI at your ear). The prerequisite for BRR™ is previous extrication training and lots of experience. Attendance is seriously limited to ensure PLENTY OF HANDS-ON!

    The training is not-for-profit; however a fee of $150 will offset the expenses. A light meal Friday night, and lunch on Saturday are included in the fee.

    Travel if you dare, Hell’s Highway and practice The 5 Step Discipline for Overturns and Underrides. The featured presenter will be Billy Leach, Jr. Billy is internationally recognized as the Developer and Presenter of BIG RIG RESCUE™, and has presented at FDIC, Firehouse Expo, FDNY’s Technical Rescue School, LACFD, and many other venues. He is the Education Committee Co-Chairman of the Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee.

    Classroom session commences at 1800, Friday May 15, at Harrison Fire Station, 34 School St. The hands-on sessions will be 0800-1600 Saturday, and 0800-1200 on Sunday. An action-packed, no nonsense, total immersion experience unmatched anywhere.

    The program features both classroom and HANDS-ON learning. Attendance is based upon first-come, first served and is limited to 40 thus ensuring MAXIMUM HANDS-ON.

    NO walk-in registrations!

    Attendees are expected to furnish the following (without exception):

    Helmet to meet NFPA Technical Rescue Standard
    Full length fire retardant clothing meeting NFPA Std for Technical Rescue
    Safety glasses or goggles to meet ANSI Z89.1+S Standard (helmet shields alone are insufficient)
    Gloves to meet NFPA Cut Resistance and Heat Resistance Standard
    Protective footgear, including impact resistant toe cap meeting NFPA Std for
    Technical Rescue
    Handheld light
    Small battery operated calculator, pen and pencil + paper

    Anyone wishing to attend must have previous training and considerable experience in vehicle extrication. BRR™ is not an entry level training program. The skills are developed to meet NFPA Standard 1670 Chapter 6, Technician Level. The fundamental goal of BRR™ is stabilizing the larger vehicle to create a safer rescue operation. There will be no opportunities to actually cut/spread/ram the big rigs.

    If you feel compelled to be among the best, then join us during this great learning experience. This training isn’t ‘entertainment’, rather serious education focusing on fundamental skills to enhance your safety.

    Help spread the word far and wide. Everything is being done to craft the absolute BEST training experience ever!

    Meanwhile, ‘Charlie Mike’
    (Continue the mission)

    For actual reg form please send direct email to: [email protected]

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