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Who's Hiring?

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  • Who's Hiring?

    Been awhile since anybody has posted so I thought I'd get what info I know out there. Hopefully people will add to this. This forum is supposed to help out MN brothers out there trying to get jobs. My info is mostly heresay, so if somebody has more solid info, please feel free to correct.

    -Minneapolis and St. Paul are both not hiring anytime soon. I spoke with Mpls HR the other day and it sounds like it'll be at least 2009 before they test again. I think St. Paul is in the same boat.

    -St. Cloud just tested (January) and I know they are hiring up to 15 guys in the next two years which is crazy. Would have been nice to get on that list.

    -Rochester just tested last fall. Don't know how many they are hiring, but I heard from their HR that they are going to switch to a "spring time" testing/hiring period. Late spring 2009 is when they plan on testing again.

    -Duluth just tested last fall. Not sure when they will again, Gozly will probably have a better idea.

    -Mankato has been accepting applications over the last month. The closeout was 23 June. I know they are hiring 1 right away with a possibility of 2 over the next two years.

    -Fargo just tested and they are hiring 6 this fall and 6 next summer. It will be at least 2010 before they test again.

    -I know Burnsville hires 1-2 every year. Have to have Paramedic to get on with them.

    I don't know about the following agencies:

    -MAC (ARFF guys at Mpls/St. Paul International Airport)-Would be a sweet gig.

    -South Metro Fire


    -I know there are other depts out there I am forgetting, like I said, feel free to add/correct as you see fit.

    Minnesota is a unique state (in my opinion anyway) because so many of the suburb cities have POC or Volly depts. Not a bad thing, just unique. The city I am currently in which is half the size of most of the TC suburbs is a full-time dept.

    Anyway, this is just a thread to get guys talking about various departments and what is out there for us. Good luck to all.

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    I think Rchfield is testing right now.

    Check out the League of MN cities website (http://www.lmnc.org/page/1/city-jobs.jsp) Pretty much all of the cities in the state post their job opening there.

    As far as Duluth goes, I know the last list we made was only a one year list so I assume they will be testing in 2009 or so that is only speculation though.


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      Roseville, MN

      Anyone have any information on when Roseville, MN will be hiring next?

      Anyone heard any news about a new fire chief in Brooklyn Park, MN ?



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        I think Roseville is constantly hiring for POCs. They are right now.

        Richfield is taking apps and testing very soon, I applied with them.

        Mankato is testing next week.

        Golzy, how are things up in Duluth bud? Tell your dept to get on the ball and test again soon!

        Small world, another "turkish" out there. Are you of Turkish descent?


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          uhh, stuff in Duluth isn't going so well. We are going to be making some cuts, the Mayor wants to take and engine company out of service and close a station. Right now the FD is trying to work with the city administration to find different options to reduce our spending. I don't think we will be looking at layoffs but cutting a station and another engine on top of that would have a huge impact on our response capabilities and response times


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            Yeah, I am from Turkey. Dad was in the AF and mom is from there. You?

            That sucks about Duluth. I didn't get a chance to apply this last time around and now it sounds like it will be awhile before they hire again...especially with these cuts. From what I know, Duluth is pretty thin and spread out anyway.


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              Richfield written test

              Any idea what the Richfield written test consists of? Fireteam? A couple hundred Fire II / Hazmat Ops questions? Other?

              Thanks and good luck if you are testing there.


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                WTF is the mayor thinking?? Doesn't DFD already run only 3 to an apparatus already?? I lived in 8's territory as a teenager and visited the "old 8" across from memorial park and couldn't belive there were only 6 firemen in the station. I really feel fo ryou guys up there Golzy!


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                  Originally posted by trizahler26 View Post
                  Anyone have any information on when Roseville, MN will be hiring next?

                  Anyone heard any news about a new fire chief in Brooklyn Park, MN ?

                  Brooklyn park's new fire chief has been picked. Hopefully he can fix the issues


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                    any updates on openings?
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                      Duluth and South Metro fire are testing


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                        South Metro

                        We are hiring at least one maybe two Firefighters off of this test right away. More info can be found here.



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                          South Metro

                          Not sure if my previous post went through but we are hiring at least one possibly two from this test. You can find more details and get an application @



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                            Hey JB,

                            I am planning on coming down for the South Metro test. What is the written like? Is it a test that SMFD put together or did they get it from a company (FSI, CWH, etc....)
                            Any other tips??



                            • #15
                              Thanks for the info JB. I was wondering when you guys were going to test again. The website appears down right now. Anything you can tell us about the testing/hiring process? What SMFD is like (apparatus, call volume, work environment, etc)?

                              Applied for Duluth yesterday, the only thing I don't like about that though is forking out $125 to LSC to do the CPAT. Oh well, I want it bad enough. What is $125 for the greatest gig in the world?

                              This is just pure speculation, but I am guessing that over the next 3-5 years we are going to see a higher than normal hiring numbers. With the baby-boomers hitting retirement age, I think a lot of cities are going to have a lot of positions to fill. Especially Mpls and St. Paul. That is good for us guys trying to get the job. Again, just speculation though.

                              Turkish FF how did you end up at Richfield? I placed 14, but they only were taking 1 or 2 off this list I think.
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