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Michigan radio system

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  • #46
    Amen Brother. I am one of the OLDER guys, but I still agree to the change. I can actually talk to the other guys on my dept. I do think this is the best thing to happen to Monroe County firefighting since I do not know when.
    If the dissenters do not like the system, I suggest it is time to retire and get out, or get with the 21st century. Do not screw with my safety becuase you are too hard headed to change.


    • #47
      Our dept. just wrote a grant to switch completely to the 800mhz system. We too will be keeping out 154.430 pagers for tone outs and our radio service is telling us that our dispatch center will be able to patch whatever channel we want. All we have to do is provide them with a copy of our current frequency list and they will have the ability to link up for us, in cluding to neighboring counties, i.e. Vanburen, St. Joe, Calhoun, and Cass Counties. Our LE is currently on the system and they love it. Hopefully we will too.


      • #48
        Originally posted by ffexpCP View Post
        If I can remember all of the technical mumbo, I don’t think the system works for fire departments because trunking is not compatible with tone paging. This is why my city still hasn’t made the switch yet. We currently have high band fire and po po, but low band for DPW. We just don’t want to add 800 to all that.
        The 800 system works great with fire departments in livingston county. Central dispatch can simulcast on VHF for the tone pages and over 800. When central talks on main fire it is broadcast on VHF and 800, when anyone else talks it is only on the type of frequency for their radio type. ie: a FF talks on a VHF radio, only heard on VHF, on 800 only heard on 800.

        800 works nicely because it has multiple talkgroups which you can designate for specific emergency scenes. Also, we can be patched to a VHF frequency for example when we need to talk to Survival Flight or Med Flight.
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          We gave up on it

          The fire service in our county has abandoned the 800 radios. Our area is one of the weakest for 800 coverage. Enter a building and you have no communications on 800. I used it to communicate with dispatch on a few occasions but it was not safe for fire ground operations.

          The 800 system has its purpose and properly setup can be a dependable communications system. I don’t agree with the rest of the chiefs that we shouldn’t use it at all. I think the problem in our county was that it was perceived to be the fix to our VHF problems when it actually created more. Our patch between the 800 and VHF sucked. The VOX operated patch would ping pong between the 2 bands. Without a buffer, short transmissions on VHF would be over before the 800 ever keyed up.

          Bottom line, if you have good tower coverage and understand how to use the radio, it will do just fine. Try to get by with some hodgepodge home built patch combining it with an already clustered VHF system, and it will only give you heartburn.


          • #50
            I am a firefighter in van burren and a dispatcher in kalamazoo. the 800mhz system works great for police and ems. but not to well for fire. the minute you get into a structure you can lose signal. portible coverage is not very good. command might be just outside, but just like a nextel, if you don't have signal, you can't talk to the guy sitting right next to ya. good theroy but not reliable enough. plus radios are 3000+ dollers and 200 dollers per radio per year for service fees. and the state will not allow individuals to get them programed. they have to be uunder the dept. name. soo overall its a good theroy but not very practicle for the fire service.


            • #51
              Michigan Fire Frequencies

              does anyone know the frequency for Ann Arbor Chelsea and Saline, Michigan? or know anywhere i can find them? I have my ham radio license and i wanna lessen to them but cant find em on the air


              • #52
                yz, go to radioreference.com to find the information you need.


                • #53
                  Originally posted by MFD2500 View Post
                  I am a firefighter in van burren and a dispatcher in kalamazoo. the 800mhz system works great for police and ems. but not to well for fire. the minute you get into a structure you can lose signal. portible coverage is not very good. command might be just outside, but just like a nextel, if you don't have signal, you can't talk to the guy sitting right next to ya.
                  This is why most trunked systems have simplex channels set up for fireground use. Since the range is limited, just a few simplex frequencies will work for an entire county. It's a known problem, and has been for quite some time. If your communications planners don't account for it and acquire more frequencies, they're falling short.

                  Departments on the edges of an autonomous system (ie, one that is different than their neighbors) do have to rely on patches and "gateways", but I've never run into any delay problems such as have been mentioned.
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