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Pineville Pay issues

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  • Pineville Pay issues

    Pineville keeps losing firefighters over pay issues

    (Pineville-AP) -- Pineville Fire Chief Gary Morrow might be
    forced to shut down one of the cities' three fire stations. One
    firefighter left for a better paying job and two others retired. In
    November, another firefighter is retiring.
    Morrow says that at least eight others are looking at going to
    other departments or other higher paying jobs. He says if the
    department continues to lose men, he might have to look at closing
    a station for the safety of the firefighters and public.
    Morrow says base pay for starting firefighter is six-ten an
    hour. Firefighters gross 646 dollars every two weeks before
    insurance and other deductions are taken out.
    He says Pineville firefighters are required to be E-M-Ts or
    paramedics or get the certification within a year. They go through
    an eight-week academy and must pass a certification test. In
    addition, firefighters have to be certified in handling hazardous
    Morrow says his department has become "a training ground" for
    other departments.

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    Yep. It's sad but true. FF/EMTs making minumum wage. I read this article in the Baton Rouge newspaper and read it to my Chief. We know the way the guys there feel. If you read my St Gabriel FD thread you know that we are fighting to keep our jobs. With budget cuts and layoffs lurking right around the corner I decided to jump ship. Today I was hired to work as Security/EMT at a local Guard service. I start tommorrow at a plant a few miles away. I'm scheduled to work my 3 day weekend at the fire station but this will be my last weekend working fulltime. I will talk to the Chief about trying to stay on as parttime and work around my new security job. I will still continue to volunteer when I'm off from my new job but glad to be making the switch. I'll be making more an hour and have benefits and won't have to worry anymore about when the mayor is going to fire all of us.
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