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BIG RIG RESCUE offered in OH

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  • BIG RIG RESCUE offered in OH

    October 1-2, 2016
    Twinsburg, OH

    Ohio USAR Region 2 and Interstate Towing and Recovery will sponsor a 'basic' BRR program this fall. Beginning at 0800 Saturday morning will be a comprehensive, information-packed classroom learning session. Attendees will receive a 300+ page handbook full of details you simply won't find in a single resource except here. This will create a valuable reference document for the future.

    After surviving the rapid-fire classroom session you'll be totally immersed in HANDS-ON training. Very challenging scenarios will be staged by the ‘Masters of Disaster’ from Interstate Towing and Recovery featuring lots of mangled metal. Your team will rotate to each of these scenarios and determine the best tools and techniques to employ. Wicked scenarios like an overturned TT onto a car, garbage packer underride with 'upper' and 'lower' victims, loaded concrete mixer over onto a car, and cargo shift are planned. An experienced instructor will guide you through The 5 Step Discipline for Overturns/Underrides while using a variety of tools.

    You're expected to take ownership of the information and form a cohesive team that operates SAFELY and EFFICIENTLY.
    The intent is to develop your critical thinking skills, and truly validate the learning process. Sounds almost like boot camp, huh? Nah, it's to craft a rescuer ready for the street. You'll learn about rigging tools, how to use them, plus basic resistance calculations while moving a load.

    The presenters are among the BEST anywhere in the country, period. All have true street experience, and fully intend to offer you the ABSOLUTE PREMIER LEARNING OPPORTUNITY. Take a look at the cadre…

    Jay Trgo-HOT Instructor, 22 years of towing experience with 10 operating a rotator. He is Wreckmaster 6/7 certified along with Matjack Air Cushion Recovery training.

    Jesse Trgo-HOT Instructor, 8 years’ experience. He is Wreckmaster Rotator certified along with Matjack Air Cushion Recovery training.

    John Trgo-HOT Instructor, and proud owner of Interstate Towing and Recovery. He has 43 years of experience in towing and recovery.

    Billy Leach-Senior Presenter, Wreckmaster 6/7A-R, NCCCO Certified Rigger, Crosby Rigging Trainer, 40+ years of 'street experience', Presenter at Firehouse Expo, FDIC, + international experience, Chairman of Educational Committee for Transportation Emergency Rescue Committee

    Each of these is very approachable, and will gladly answer questions and assist you.

    You'll never find WORLD CLASS training such as this anywhere else! There is no equal to this training. Join us 'cause we're in it to win it. You can tell others that “Nothing shuts people up like performance.”

    The training is sponsored by Ohio USAR Region 2 and Interstate Towing and Recovery, with generous support from many vendors.
    You’ll get the opportunity to see and use a variety of hydraulic tools, struts, air lifting bags/cushions and much more.

    This will fill very quickly, with first come-first served. Attendance is VERY LIMITED to ensure the optimum experience. After filling, a waiting list will begin so don’t be discouraged.


    For reg info please email [email protected] or visit Big Rig Rescue Facebook page.
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