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Junction City Testing

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  • Junction City Testing

    Hello all. I just received my letter for the testing process for Junction City and wanted to know if there was anyone around from the area. I am on a Volunter dept in Minnesota with a very poor outlook for full-time departments and I have decided that I want to make this my fulltime job. Any info on the area, housing, and the written testing would be great.

    St Cloud Fire Department
    Local # 1712

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    Junction City testing


    Im actually born and raised around the JC, Manhattan area, and tested with JCFD a little less than a year ago. I can try and help you out with whatever questions you have. Im not sure if theyre running the testing process like they did when I took it, but the way it was then was the physical agility test came before anything. If youre in shape and have done physical tests with other departments then this shouldnt be a problem (if you have specific questions about it just ask) Included in the same day is EMS testing. This is what messed me up, because when it came to pt assessments I tended to freeze and forget everything until after I was done. They dont let you know ahead of time whether or not it will be a medical or a trauma, so brush up extensively on both of those assessments. There were about 25 of us testing when I went through, so there will be some competition. Im not sure how many times youve tested for a job, but that was my first one, and it can be very nerveracking. As for the area, JC isnt a bad place. Im not sure of the availability of housing, but im sure you can find something to get settled into until you get your feet on the ground. Manhattan is only about 20 miles from JC, and also alot more costly. I finally landed a job after a year of trying and testing and traveling (I myself trekked up to Illinois to test) and learned just to keep it calm, and sell yourself, and everything you know to them all without being cocky. If this isnt your first time, then you have a feeling of what is going to happen, and if its not, like i said, just ask specifics, and ill try and help you out as much as possible. Good luck with everything.


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      Thanks for the reply. The physical part of the test was described in the letter, but no info on the written test. Just trying to fiqure out what type of questions, length, etc. I did find some listings for apartments in Manhattan, and compared to up here they are cheap. Did they just give you one EMS assessment to do? Same type of structure as in EMT class?

      St Cloud Fire Department
      Local # 1712


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        And congrats on landing the job!! I hope I can say the same soon. This will be my first time testing with a full-time department.
        St Cloud Fire Department
        Local # 1712


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          Junction City testing

          Thanks for the congrats, and yes hopefully you can say the same as well. I didnt take the written test at JC, but, I have tested multiple places and the format seems to be the same on all of them. The best piece of advice I can give you is to go to your local book store and find a Firefighter Exam prep book. In those books they give help you to understand what might be on a test, and they have plenty of practice tests. Most of the ones Ive taken have had some mathmatics, one had spelling, they had different scenarios, and things like that. You dont have to really have any previous knowledge in firefighting to take one of these tests, but to see first hand what youre getting into helps alot.


          That is the link to the same book I bought, and it seemed to help tremendously. It eliminates the element of surprise for what youll find on a test, plus has 7 practice exams, and 2 actual NYC exams. As for the practicals, im pretty sure its the same sort of layout that everyone learns in EMT class. (ie- BSI, scene safety, then go through your scene size up, initial assesment, so on and so forth) Just make sure you know the pt assessment for both medical and trauma front to back, because you wont know until you get into the room what theyre going to give you. Hopefully this is all a little helpful, any more questions just ask. Again good luck and keep me posted!


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            Kansas is pretty far away from MN. I'm in the same boat as you right now, I live in MN and I'm testing everywhere I can, but I'm gonna wait to go test at the departments that are far away, until I feel I've almost mastered the hiring process. The reason is that I don't want to go fly down to las vegas just to fail the written test. I just thought I'd throw that out there. Also rumor has it Minneapolis will be testing this winter or spring.

            Oh yea and I was down at the A.B.L.E. center last week for the West Saint Paul physical test, you guys have a pretty nice training center.


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              I used to work for the Manhattan Ks fire dept before coming to Kansas City. JC was just dwon the road. Two of my Lt's from Manhattan have sons who work in JC. At least one who I have seen recently seems to like the job. For a small Dept. they also seem very active with the State FF's assoc and with the IAFF. In fact I would bet that although smaller than Manhattan, they have better trun outs for Dept and Union events.....based on what I have seen and heard.
              By the way JC Kansas is only about 8-9 hrs to the Twin Cities...maybe less. Only about 6-7 to K.C. there are plenty of good depts in this state to work for......ie ..Manhattan, J.C., Topeka, Sedgewick County, Olathe, and many more, not to exclude of course my favorite Kansas City, KS.
              Cost of living is affordable throughout the state for the most part, but then consider the type of job you are trying to get.......best Job on the planet yet very often under paid......thats civil service.
              Junction City is also a military town that I believe is going to get a lot bigger soon with the return of the 1st Infantry Division to neighbor Ft Riley. this should spawn growth and new business for the town and surrounding area.
              Good luck. By the way....Our fishing season is longer and the pheasant and deer hunting is tops.


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