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Task Force 1 and Technical Rescue Training

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  • Task Force 1 and Technical Rescue Training

    I'm looking for a little information on Indiana's Task Force One, as far as training and membership requirements. Anbody on INTF1 that can shed a little more light?

    And also... anybody know of ANYWHERE to get some technical rescue training beyond the Awareness level? The Tech Rescue Awareness classes are everywhere, but it's not as common to see ops and tech classes going on. And yes, I've checked the IDHS site, but I can never find classes in the northern part of the state that are open. Help?

    Any info is much appreciated! Thanks!!

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    For anyone interested, I also posed this question to Division Chief Brian Kazmierzak of Clay Fire Territory and here was his response...


    I actually just resigned from INTF-1 as a Plans Team Manager and they are no
    longer taking applicants from outside the Marion County Donut area, unless
    you apply as a dog handler, structural engineer, or Doctor/Medical
    Specialist. I have had numerous members from my Regional Team

    The MABAS 201 TRT is the District 2 (St. Joe / Elkhart / Marshall / Fulton /
    Pulaski / Kosciusko / Starke) however, to be a member, your department must
    be a member of MABAS (Mutual Aid Box Alarm System) for liability, etc. That
    would be the same to participate in our trainings, etc. The stuff we do is
    just too dangerous, etc for you not to be covered. In addition, just to
    become active on our team it is about 350 hours of training, which takes
    about 2 years to complete.

    Our team is made up of 113 members (we deploy with 36) from 8 fire
    departments. Clay Fire is the lead agency, supported by Harris Fire, Niles
    (MI) Fire, South Bend Fire, Mishawaka Fire, Warsaw Fire, and Notre Dame

    I am sorry I can't be of further assistance or better direction...

    There is an option, if you could talk your department into it - Technical
    Rescue Support Company. They would have to guarantee to be able to respond
    throughout your county with a minimum of 4 trained operational level
    personnel to conduct a risk assessment/scene safety until the team/equipment
    arrived. This is a concept right now we are exploring with Goshen & Elkhart

    Brian P. Kazmierzak, EFO
    Clay Fire Territory
    Division Chief of Training & Safety
    MABAS Division 201 Tactical Rescue Team - Task Force Leader


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      I'm on IN TF 1 and your answer posted above is correct. Between the monthly trainings and being able to be ready to deploy in 4 hours, if you don't live in the immediate Indy area, it would be to hard to be on the team. Sorry


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