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    SCHERERVILLE, Ind. (AP) - Faced with tight public-safety
    budgets, some Lake County communities are considering allowing
    advertisers to use police cars as speeding billboards.
    Fire trucks and ambulances also would be fair game for
    advertisers under a proposal by a North Carolina company.
    Government Acquisitions Inc. promises to provide government
    agencies with emergency vehicles for three years for $1 each - as
    long as it can place ads all over the vehicles.
    Cedar Lake is in the final stages of approving a contract for
    three police cars. And the town of Lowell already has signed on for
    five police cars. Schererville and St. John are considering the
    Police officers, firefighters and those who keep the books said
    selling ads on public safety vehicles may answer the growing
    problem of how to afford high-tech computer systems, radios and
    other equipment.
    But others criticize the idea of ad-clad cruisers as tacky and
    The Lake County Sheriff's Department will not consider the plan
    no matter how much money it could generate, Chief of Police Gary
    Martin said.
    "That vehicle represents public safety," he said. "We
    wouldn't want to make it a walking advertisement or billboard."
    Government Acquisitions Inc. said the advertising can be done
    tastefully. It boasts to companies about the potential millions of
    viewers indirectly exposed to their ads while watching the news.
    Ambulances, it has said, could be used to target senior
    citizens, and pet products can be featured on K-9 units or
    animal-control vehicles.
    Regardless, officials said, they will not accept an
    inappropriate vehicle. And the company's contract gives them that
    "It will have to be something tasteful and appealing before we
    even allow it," said Lt. Roger Patz of the Cedar Lake Police
    Some public officials who are analyzing the contract said they
    will not sign a deal that does not feel right.
    "My first vision is seeing a vehicle plastered with
    advertising, which would be gaudy and we wouldn't want that,"
    Schererville Town President Michael Troxell told The Times for a
    story published Sunday.
    Based on the contract, the vehicles could either have multiple
    displays or one sponsor that owns all the space. Advertisements
    could be placed anywhere not set aside for agency identification.
    Gambling, tobacco, guns and alcohol promotions are banned.
    Schererville Fire Chief Bob Patterson, who wants the town to
    look at getting three sport-utility vehicles through the deal, said
    the proposal could be a good for the city and taxpayers.
    "I would hope people would look at the fact that we tried to
    save the taxpayers money," he said. "Money is always tight."

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    We are also considering this as an option in Griffith. The way the advertising was explained to me is that somewhere on the vehicle you would see something like "This fire truck sponsored by IBM." I've been assured it would not be "all over the vehicle" and that it would be tastfully done. I believe we are waiting for artist sketches showing us what the adds would look like and where they will be located.

    Initially I was against this whole idea, but, money is tight and we need the equipment. I guess I'm OK with this as long as there are "controls" built in to keep things from getting out of hand.


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      I am all in favor of vehicle sponsorship with a "this vehicle donated/sponsered by IBM" along on of the quarter panels or on the rear but I dont like the idea of a Nascar type paint scheme.

      We have an old rehab truck that used to be part of Compaq (Houstons) fire brigade. They gave us the vehicle with a single nicely painted line stating it was donated by Compaq. Does not look tacky at all and gives the community a chance to see what some of our corporate neighbors do for the community.

      Having sadi all that if my Dept couldnt afford a new fire engine and we really needed one than I would take what i could get. I would rather have a tacky cop/ff at my door than none at all.

      You all have to admit it would be funny to see a Crown Vic PI painted like a Krispy Creme Donut

      Stay Safe


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        Originally posted by engine23ccvfd

        You all have to admit it would be funny to see a Crown Vic PI painted like a Krispy Creme Donut


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          Or "Bacon and Shakin" Buy X brand Bacon and enter to win a ride in this Ambulance LOL

          I think I could run with the Bacon and Shakin thing on a police car also

          I guess as long as Emergency vehicles don't look like race cars it might be all right... It just depends on how much advertising is put on the truck or car...
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            I think it's a pretty good deal as long as the ads don't distract one from any warnings posted on an emerg. vehicle. For instance...Keep Back 500ft.
            However, being female, if PMS medicine were advertised on the truck I was driving, they might get out of my way.


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