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This is copied form the city website.

Fire Fighter
Application Deadline: 02/09/2007

Duties: The City of Champaign, Illinois needs men and women of integrity to rise to the challenge of serving our community as Fire Fighters. Fire Fighters fulfill multiple roles that include fire fighting, rescue and emergency operations, and serving as hazardous material experts.
Salary: The starting salary for a Probationary Fire Fighter is $44,810, plus benefits, increasing to $47,101 following a one-year probationary period.
Qualifications: To apply to test for the position of Fire Fighter, you must be 21 years old by July 25, 2007, a high school graduate or its equivalent, and have no felony convictions. City of Champaign residency is not required. No previous fire service experience is required. The testing process includes a mandatory orientation, written examination, physical abilities test and an oral interview. Individuals who successfully complete each phase of the process will be placed on an eligibility list that will be used when filling Fire Fighter vacancies until July 2009.
Application: Please submit your City of Champaign application (see How to Apply above) no later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, February 9, 2007.
Notes: For detailed testing information (including dates, times and locations) click on the link below for testing information. This information is available exclusively on the website, and will not be mailed to individual applicants.
• 2007 Fire Fighter Testing Information
• Welcome Letter to Fire Applicants
Download and print our application form. (221 KB)