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    Hey all. Im new to this forum. I am from Gurnee, IL but currently in the military and looking to get back home. I have been a Air Force Firefighter for about 3 years now and I want to start testing for depts. back home. I dont really know much about the process. I was just wondering if anyone knew about the process in Northern IL. Do most depts. have a similar physical aglity test? I saw that Evanston FD is testing this spring, does anyone know anything about that Dept? I appreciate the help!

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    Do chekc of the area up that way. Lake and Mchenery counties. Keep a look for consortium tests. Consortium tests are where a dozen or more FD's do physical and written tests through a college and they count for all of them. I've only tested for one FD outside of Rockford, soo I don't know much about it. I hope that helps. I also don't know much about Evanston except that I met an instructor at the IL fire service institute that's a Lt. there. Good Luck bro!!!


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      Alright, i'll do that. thanks alot for your help!


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          City of Pekin, near Peoria, is taking applications for firefighter.
          Go to their website for information.
          Visit www.iacoj.com
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            Originally posted by ChiefReason View Post
            City of Pekin, near Peoria, is taking applications for firefighter.
            Go to their website for information.

            I just referred a friend to that today. I would apply but i wont be old enough.
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              hey guys, thanks for the help. I just found out some bad news. I cant test for evanston cause im not 21!! I turn 21 in july. I figured that i could apply, test, then by the time the list came out i would be 21. That kinda sucks. But Waukegan fire dept is testing in july so i will be able to test there. And they will put me through medic school. Thanks again for the help!


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                Send a letter to Fire Hire, P.O. Box 1001, Dundee, IL 60118. Ask for the form to sign up. You can specify what announcements they send you, based on a comparison of your qualifications (if any) to the requirements of various departments. You'll get a certain number of notices based on how much you pay them. Really the way to go, because if you have no qualifications other than military service (which, by the way, I am beginning to think, ought to be REQUIRED), they won't waste your time sending you to departments that may require paramedic certification to test, for example.
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                  taking evanston test next month

                  does anyone have any info on teh evanston test next month? should i expect the test to be like the CFD test?

                  is it totally different?

                  has anyone taken the last test they gave recently?

                  any info would be great. i want to do what i can to prepare myself. thanks.


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                    To Revive the thread...

                    I am a 21 year-old college senior looking to start down the road to the fire service. My fiance is going to be in Grad school in Champaign, so I figured I'd start by testing there (which I did last Saturday). Now I know it's pretty competitive, so I'm going to try to cover all my bases while I can, but there are a couple things I hoped you guys could help me with.

                    1) I'm going to be taking my EMT-B course in Texas in June. I was wondering what I'd have to do to get that cert transferred to IL, or if it's possible.

                    2) Does anybody know who else in the area might be testing? I need to be relatively close to Champaign and not have a residency requirement.

                    3) Once I do get my EMT-B worked out with the state of IL, is there a good place to look for a job while I save up for medic school? I've been having a lot of trouble finding EMT jobs online.

                    4) Is there a good medic course somewhere near Champaign? I'm not exactly familiar to the area, and was hoping I wouldn't have to go up to Chicago or something to find training.

                    Sorry for the length, but any help you could give me would be much appreciated.
                    -Brent Jordan


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                      Champaign just started a process. Peoria is getting ready to start testing, if you hurry you might be able to get your app in on time. I believe the deadline is the 30th.


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                        medic school

                        Thanks for the help.
                        I'm still looking for information on a medic school near Champaign. Anyone know anything?


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                          Hi Brent,
                          Funny I didn't notice you at the test a week ago. Let me see if I can help you on a couple of your questions.

                          1. I don't know for sure about your EMT transfering from Texas, but if you go to www.provenaregionalems.com and look under the personell you will find an e-mail link for Mary Butzow. She takes care of all the certification stuff and will be able to answer your questions, and she is a really nice lady to work with on that stuff as well.

                          2. Your choices as far as a career department near Champaign are kind of limited. Of course you have already started with Champaign. Urbana should have a test coming up. You could also search for Danville, I don't know when they will be testing, and even if they have a residency requirement, it is not that far for the fiance to drive to school. The only other career departments reasonably close are Bloomington and Normal, but they are both requiring paramedic to even test now.

                          3. There are several places that you may find work as an EMT. There are two hospitals that provide ambulance service in Champaign, Provena-Covenant and Carle.
                          Provena: www.provena.org/covenant
                          Carle: www.carle.com/hospital/employment
                          There are also a couple of other hospitals within reasonable driving distance of Champaign.
                          Gibson Area Ambulance Service: www.gibsonhospital.org
                          Kirby Hospital in Monticello: www.kirbyhospital.org
                          most of the EMT jobs will be part time and I do hope you realize that the pay pretty much sucks for EMTs.

                          4. Both of the hospitals in Champaign-Urbana have EMS systems that they run. I am very familiar with Provena since that is who I am under. Provena runs the classes at the local junior college in Champaign. (www.parkland.net) When you look up Marys' e-mail also shoot an e-mail to David Liss at Provena Regional EMS, as he runs most of the programs at Parkland. I'm not sure what Carle does as far as a medic program, but if you search for Carle EMS I'm sure you can find out.

                          Hope that helps and if you have any more questions about the C-U area give me a shout. Hope you make it back on April 14th.

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                            Ever think of Great Lakes Naval Base?


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                              Parkland college in champaign offers a paramedic course thru a local ambulance service.


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