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  • Officer Development classes/Fire Officer I

    I won't get too deep into this since I can't ever start new posts. It looks like MABAS Division 8 and my department (well, our Training Chief, also MABAS 8 training director or some such title) are really working to get the five core classes for Fire Officer I held starting in the next couple of months. Classes would be geared with the POC or volunteer folks in mind, scheduled Saturday and Sunday for two weekends, and finishing with a third Saturday, each day eight hours. Obviously, everyone would be welcome, career or not, but we're trying to fill a void for folks that work during the week who want to complete these classes. There would be a few week break between class segments (i.e. three straight weekends of one class, then a break, then starting the next class in the series).

    If you have an interest, let me know. First priority will go to MABAS 8 departments, but I'm very confident there will be room left for others. I'll post more particulars once I have them. Classes will be taught by IFSI personnel...

    We're basically Rockford, IL - just north of the city a few miles, for those wondering where these classes would be held.

    First in the series will likely be Tactics and Strategy, as our belief is that this is a key class to get folks in the right seat thinking the correct way on scene.

    We also have some IFSI Cornerstone officer development classes coming up, once we can open them up to other departments, I'll get out word.

    Also - my department's last promotional exam and practicals really showed that we need to work on some officer development strategies, which will include any and all classes we can get our up and coming folks into. If you have something going on in your department that fits that bill, I know I may be interested, as well as a few other folks on my department.

    We are aware of the Buddy to Boss class coming in MABAS 1, there's a good class coming near Madison, WI, and others - so if you need info on similar classes for your department's folks, let me know.

    Captain Joel Hallstrom
    North Park Fire Dept.
    Machesney Park, IL
    815-636-3051 x33
    npfd at insightbb.com
    "Share your knowledge - it's a way to achieve immortality." - Stolen from Chase Sargent's Buddy to Boss program

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    Official announcement of the class:

    North Park Fire Department along with Illinois Fire Service Institute will be holding OSFM Tactics and Strategy I. This will be the first in the 5 class series required for Fire Officer I.

    The class will be held for 8 hours each day on Sat. March 10, Sun. March 11, Sat. March 17, Sun March 18 & Sat. March 24.

    The location of the class will be announced at a later date, but will be in the Machesney Park/Loves Park, IL area.

    The cost of the class will be $200.00 per student, and must be paid in advance. In order to reserve a spot in this class we must receive a check written to North Park Fire Department for $200.00 per student. We must receive this check no later than February 05, 2007. If we do not have a minimum of 30 students sign-up the class will be canceled. We need 30 students in order to charge $200.00 per student.

    If we get the 30 minimum for this class we will schedule Instructor I, the second in the series.

    Questions, please contact our D/C of Training, Greg Pearson at 815-636-3051or e-mail him at npfire @ insightbb.com.
    "Share your knowledge - it's a way to achieve immortality." - Stolen from Chase Sargent's Buddy to Boss program


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      a viable option


      Check out www.NIPSTA.ORG they have both FO I & FO II courses available and they run in 1 week blocks. There are hotels within walking distance to NIPSTA Campus.

      Also check out www.cod.edu which is college of dupage website they offer FO I & FO II classes as well through online program. Before the naysayers and scofflaws start with the negative blah blah blah; I can tell you that the workload is same as being in class(10 page plus papers in both classes).

      I mention these becuase I too am a vol. and finished FO I & II in the fall with a combination of online & nipsta courses.


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        Thanks for the info. I'm finishing my Fire Officer I state tests (classes are done), and the info on doing the Fire Officer II tract online is interesting.

        Our intent at North Park is to allow easier access to the folks around here to come and do their Fire Officer I classes at a fairly inexpensive rate, and keep them close to home. I don't mind travelling to take classes, but I also know departments nearby who just don't have the budget to support the expense of hotels, lodging and fuel to run into the suburbs. Tie in the weekend dates, and folks don't need to take time off of work.

        Thanks for the info about the online courses.
        "Share your knowledge - it's a way to achieve immortality." - Stolen from Chase Sargent's Buddy to Boss program


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          Just a friendly reminder - if anyone is wishing to take the Tactics class we're holding at North Park, we've had a lot of lip service but no checks actually signing folks up for the class. If you plan on attending, please contact D/C Pearson Monday if possible to let him know you're coming. It would be a shame to cancel this class if the extra 10 people we needed planned on coming to the first class with a check in hand... Apparently the HazMat Ops class in Cherry Valley last week had 15 or so signed up but 32 ended up showing up to attend. That's not fair to anyone.

          Regardless of if you wish to challenge your Fire Officer I, Tactics should be in everyone's basket of knowledge...
          "Share your knowledge - it's a way to achieve immortality." - Stolen from Chase Sargent's Buddy to Boss program


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