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  • Boyzzzzzz From Illinoizzzzzzzzz

    Just checkin' on y'all. I saw on the news where some areas had some wild weather and I wanted to make sure everyone made it through ok.

    Might not be on here much anymore, but you're never far from my mind.
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    Everything ok around here. Looks like down around Jack got it the worst, seen an f5 on tv.


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      We held up fine here in Mt. Vernon. Haven't talked to dad today, so I"m assuming they did ok too. I was a little worried looking at the radar, but it blew through with nothing more than some rain. Good thing too, the city just got done cleaning up from the last storm!


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        Nothing bad around us. I was at work in Mt. Vernon, but Mrs. J was at Rend Lake in our camper and decided to bail out and go to the bar. She met some people from around her home town that knew some good friends of her family. Small world.
        We had about 1" of rain and some lightning and thunder but no damage. Reports of a funnel cloud sighted in Radom (in our district) was really not substantiated. Our people there said everything was fine and no tornadoes were seen by them. There was damage in Randolph and Jackson counties, about 30 miles or so South and SW of us. Don't know if it was wind or twister, though. Flash flooding was a problem, too. Lots and lots of rain.
        At Rend Lake it rained pretty well all day Saturday, from early in the morning until about 2 PM. I need to start taking a rain guage on my camping trips.
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          We had alot of rain here in marion..gusty winds at times....Herrin right close to us seen some hail and tornado sirens went off here about 4 times, And a funnel cloud was spotted just south of town.

          We had a tone out for a structure fire about 4:00 AM Saturday morning, I could not go becuse the wife was just getting ready for work (she NEVER works saturdays this was the first time ever she had too) So I had to stay home and listen to it, Was still stoming and raining which makes it sucky and it turned out even more sucky as time went by but I will not discuss that here.
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            I was at work in DuQuoin. We watched a horizontal rotation just above the hospital and it was raining down depris. We assume it was from Jackson County. Saw alot of rain and they set off the tornado sirens. Very minor damage. Some power outages. No injuries.


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