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  • When is enough enough

    the following is a copy of a letter that was sent to Fire Chief Magazine in reguards to Chief Hermes's article in the August addition.

    I think that we have are own problems to deal with before we go out fixing others.


    I am writing to express an opinion about the article
    about Paramedics providing home care.

    When is the Fire service going to say enough

    I understand Chief Hermes and Mr. Field have good
    intention's but the system is overtaxed and needs
    serious work and now we want to go and try and fix
    another profession?

    I understand he states the program is on a voluntary
    basis but when we fails its the on-duty and shift
    people that have to make sure it gets done

    Paramedics in the State Of Illinois are becoming fewer
    and fewer and now we went them to preform Nursing
    skills are we going to pay them a living wage?

    Currently most Paramedics in Illinois are underpaid
    unless you work for a Larger community.

    I think we need to work on better pay for the
    paramedics and a better system to stop the burnout. I
    think it is time to stop creating more part time jobs
    for Paramedics pay them a living wage so they can use
    there off time to refresh and wind down to be better
    for there job.

    In addition to that why are we trying to fix the home
    care system when the EMS system is in need of repair.
    In Illinois many community's can not muster people to
    provide basic ems care because the lack of people. In
    addition many community's have a hard time funding
    fire and ems system because of the training and

    I think as members of the fire service would be better
    spent taking care of our own and then helping out
    other professions

    I do support other professions I understand home care
    is in need of help but if we don't fix our house how
    can we fix others.

    any ideas or comments?

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