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  • RopesThatRescue Seminar in IL

    Ropes That Rescue (based in Sedona, AZ) is now offering courses in Southern Illinois. There is (currently) still room in the upcoming 7-day instructor-level Team Skills Rescue Seminar at the end of September.

    Class details/curricula are here: http://www.ropesthatrescue.com/sche...m#team%20skills

    The program application/registration form is here: http://www.ropesthatrescue.com/images/Application.pdf

    The release form is here: http://www.ropesthatrescue.com/images/Release.pdf

    The required gear list is here: http://www.ropesthatrescue.com/imag...0equip%2006.pdf

    The nearest towns from the course location are Marion- 18 miles to the north; Carbondale- 30 miles to the northwest; Anna- 12 miles to the southwest; and Vienna- 12 miles to the southeast.

    The Team Skills Rescue Seminar will be held on my property in southern IL- 36-acres on which lies roughly a 1/4-mile section of Draper's Bluff. The cliff stands about 100-110 feet tall from its base. It sits up on a ridge, so once you're above the level of the tree tops of the oak-hickory forest, you get a feel of being more like 250-300 feet in the air. Aside from my employ with Ropes That Rescue, I also operate a climbing school here, so the property is well developed with trails, and also many fixed anchors in the cliff- about 75-80 different climbing routes, many of which have fixed top anchors and some with en route fixed anchor points. I'm nearly finished with a newly built stairway in the cliff for expediting the movement of groups of people to topside for rope operations/instruction, such as with Ropes That Rescue programs. This will be the second Ropes That Rescue course to take place here, so we're that much more prepared with brushed out areas on top for rigging. The place is truly a delight for this type of instructional programming. Indeed, I tend to think that it's suited to rope rescue training even more than recreational climbing, and that is actually saying a lot. We usually leave our property open to the climbing public. Fair weathered weekends usually show 1-2 dozen cars in our parking lot representing 4-5 states. The climbing is quite good, as is the Pennsylvanian Era Sandstone. Images of our cliff are viewable at my climbing school web site: http://www.verticalheartland.com As for the season/weather, late September is the very beginning of our autumn time. The humidity is usually pretty low and the weather very fair. By the end of the week-long course, we'll be at the front end of the fall color season.

    Feel free to call or email if you have further questions.

    All the Best,

    Eric Ulner
    Assistant Instructor
    Ropes That Rescue Ltd.
    Rigging in the Vertical Realm
    Main Office ph (928) 282-7299
    Office fax (928) 282-7307
    Eric's cell (618) 694-3534
    [email protected]
    Ropes that Rescue is vertical rescue training organization specialising in rope and tower rigging / rescue courses from beginners to instructors. Ropes that Rescue specializes in the Art of Clean Rigging training Industrial and Fire Rescue teams from around the world in latest instructor techniques in high angle and vertical rescue.

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