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    Mike, I, on behalf of all Cub fans here, thank you for your candor.

    I am sickened, disgusted, reviled. I will never watch another Cubs game again. I am offically turning in my Cubs Fan Card.

    Had they struggled valliantly; had they fought the good fight; had they CLEARLY said, "It wasn't the fan's fault we fell apart;" had they JUST FREAKIN WON FOR A CHANGE......... (sigh)

    I think the frustrating part for me..... I was watching the local news at 5pm and they were interviewing... I think it was Alex Gonzales, and he was commenting on the curse and the past Cubs teams, etc. Bullcrap. It's the same old Cubs. They really do suck.
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      Mike, you don't have to say anything else. You've already said it all.
      Jaybird, I thought that Cub fans stuck with them through anything. We know the've been losers for a long time, but even you stayed a fan of theirs. Now that they've lost the "big" one, you're giving up. Shame on you.
      CR, wanna borrow my snot rag?
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        Cubs fans get one day to mourn, one day to rant and rave, that's it! Then you should be congratulating your team on getting as far as they did. It is nothing to sneeze at, to get to the 7th Game of the NLCS. Look at what they accomplished, not what they didn't.

        They certainly made it exciting to watch!
        September 11th - Never Forget

        I respect firefighters and emergency workers worldwide. Thank you for what you do.

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          Yes, Jack, I admit it. Shame on me is true, but I shall not recind my statement.

          I had sworn off baseball after the last strike, but Sammy brought me back after he and Mark McGuire battled for the home run title a couple years ago. But I was on the bubble.

          Now, I really am done. Bunch o' overpaid whiners. I'm done. Where's my golf clubs?
          Omnis Cedo Domus



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            it's not the end of the world.......
            NEVER FORGET 9-11-01
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              It's how you play the game!

              You know, the Cubs......................
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                Oh, the agony!

                Rant mode ON!

                Here's the reason the Cubs lost game 6, and the chance to go to the World Series:

                Look very carefully at the photo posted by pc:

                ALOU: Next to the wall, glove in fair play;

                MORON: Hands extended over the railing into the field of play;

                THE BALL: Deflected by said MORON while in fair territory;

                THE RESULT: Fan interference, which went uncalled by the umpire.

                Let's look at this from another angle, shall we?

                Look at this picture: http://www.msnbc.com/news/980490.asp

                ALOU: Again, outstretched glove above railing, which from this angle, appears to be in fair territory;

                MORON: Outstretched hand over the railing, reaching into the field of play

                THE BALL: bouncing off said MORON'S hands, into the stands;

                THE RESULT: Fan interference, which went uncalled by the umpire.

                Some of you are thinking: "He's whining". Well.....YOU'RE RIGHT!
                (because I can, so there!)

                Now, the scenerio:
                Mike Mordecai flies out to left, one out.
                Juan Pierre doubles down the left field line, man on second with one out,

                IF "MORON" doesn't interfere with Castillo's fly ball, and Alou catches it (which was very catchable), there are two outs and Juan Pierre remains at second.

                Prior still throws the wild pitch, Pierre goes to third,
                Ivan Rodriguez singles to left scoring Pierre, Cubs 3, Marlins 1.

                Cabrerra hits the ground ball to Gonzalez. IF he fields the ball cleanly and gets Rodriguez for the force at second, we're out of the inning with a 2 run lead.

                IF Gonzalez still muffs the play, both Rodriguez and Cabrerra are safe.

                Enter Farnsworth: IF he still walks Mike Lowell to load the bases, then the next batter, Jeff Conine, flies out to right to end the inning.

                Score after the top of the eighth inning; Cubs 3, Marlins 1.

                Makes you wonder doesn't it?

                Whew! Thanks, I (dramatic pause)....needed that

                Ok, rant mode off. Thanks to the Cubs for a great season, even if we did get the short end of the stick. Who would have thought we'd get this far in the first place? We'll see them in the Series next year!

                PC, this Bud's for you! And while we're at it, can someone PLEASE tell me how to post a picture here?
                Guinness....a meal in a can!
                IACOJ, Flatlander Division


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                  You have certainly given this a lot of thought!
                  Hey; Jay's grabbing his golf clubs. You won't have to worry about some fan trying to catch your ball!
                  What do you say? FORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRE!
                  Visit www.iacoj.com
                  Remember Bradley Golden (9/25/01)
                  RIP HOF Robert J. Compton(ENG6511)


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                    Don't you have to have the ability to HIT the ball before someone can catch it?

                    Maybe we can get Jay some golf balls with the Cubs logo on them for Christmas?
                    Guinness....a meal in a can!
                    IACOJ, Flatlander Division


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                      One last note on baseball this year. DAMN YANKEES!
                      Go Fish.
                      Speaking of fish, youse guys do your golf thing, but I'm going fishing.
                      Every silver lining's got a touch of grey...I wiilll get by....

                      Proud to be IACOJ Flatlander Division


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                        well atleast the cubs can say they were beat by the world series champs LOL
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