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    Subject: Suspicious phone calls

    Local government and private business representatives,

    It has been brought to the attention of the Washington State Emergency Management Division (EMD) that many of you have received phone calls in the recent weeks from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or its contractors. The callers, supposedly from DHS or its contractors, are asking for very sensitive information regarding security measures and infrastructure locations. While the State of
    Washington is participating in the DHS Buffer Zone Protection Program (BZPP) and other critical infrastructure activities which lend themselves to collecting sensitive information, please be vigilant about who you release information to.

    Within the last two weeks I received two phone calls from concerned security managers (one was a local hospital and the other was a regional energy company). Both managers told me the callers identified themselves as DHS employees/contractors but the way in which they were asking for the information is contrary to post 9/11 teachings. We have been in communication with DHS to try and resolve this situation but DHS consists of 22 agencies and countless contractors, which makes it difficult to resolve.

    EMD urges local government and private business to be cautious of people requesting information in regards to your security, critical infrastructure or any other sensitive information. As a local government or private business you are aware of who your contacts are within your field but when you are contacted by someone who you are unfamiliar with, try to verify the person's identity, agency and reason for request. If you are still suspicious or want to verify the request before responding, please do not hesitate to contact EMD who will coordinate with DHS to try and verify the caller's identity.

    Please contact Alec Chapman with the Emergency Management Division's Homeland Security Section at (253) 512-7044 or [email protected] if you receive such phone calls.

    WIDEST Dissemination is requested

    **You may receive this email more than once as it is being distributed through various email distribution lists**

    Alec Chapman
    Homeland Security Administrative Support
    WA State Emergency Management Division
    Building 20 - EMD
    Camp Murray , WA
    253) 512-7044 - Desk
    253) 512-7206 - Fax

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