Hawaii breaks the ice...

HONOLULU (AP) - A fire department hazardous materials team was
called out Sunday after a bag suspected of containing
asbestos-contaminated material was discovered in Wahiawa.
Warnings printed on the clear plastic bag said it contained
asbestos fibers.
The bag was found by Carroll Cox, president of the environmental
watchdog group EnviroWatch, along a private road off Kamehameha
Cox said he suspected the bag was dumped by someone associated
with a commercial asbestos abatement program who didn't want to pay
the cost of disposing of it properly.
Asbestos-contaminated materials are supposed to be disposed of
in a landfill approved by the federal Environmental Protection
The hazardous materials team cordoned off the area around the
bag. Its contents was to be investigated Monday by state personnel.

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APTV 05-26-03 0313EDT