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Plantation....Department Starts Campaign to Education in effort to Stop Drownings

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  • Plantation....Department Starts Campaign to Education in effort to Stop Drownings

    Ads aim to reduce drowning tragedies in Plantation

    By Jeremy Milarsky
    Staff Writer
    Posted August 29 2003

    PLANTATION · Men and women who work in the city's fire-rescue stations see one of the most common South Florida nightmares all too often: An unwatched child wanders into a canal or swimming pool and either drowns or almost drowns and ends up brain damaged.

    Administrators in the city's Fire-Rescue Department and at Plantation General Hospital believe many of those tragedies could have prevented had the people involved known a little more. That's why both agencies plan to launch an advertising campaign next year to help prevent drownings in Plantation, Fire Battalion Chief Joel Gordon said.

    At the July 4 parade in Plantation, firefighters handed out brochures giving tips on how parents can protect their child from a water-related accident, but those accidents still happen.

    In 2002, there were 15 drownings or near-drownings in the city, and all but two involved children.

    "It was a bad year," Gordon said.

    Between January and July of this year, three children drowned or almost drowned in the city.

    By summer 2004, hospital officials, including a team of pediatricians, plan to team up with fire-rescue workers to place ads on public-access television and radio stations to educate people about water safety.

    Fences can help prevent a child from wandering into a swimming pool or canal, and proper supervision from an adult works best of all to prevent accidents.

    By late winter 2003 or early 2004, hospital officials intend to offer water-safety classes to teens and adults who baby-sit for small children, said Marla Hetzel, spokeswoman for the hospital.

    "Often, these kids [who have drowning accidents] are in a baby-sitter's care," she said.

    Jeremy Milarsky can be reached at [email protected] or call 954-572-2020.

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