Letters to the editor: June 18
June 18, 2003

Ambulance response time must improve in Martin

I'm a new resident to the Treasure Coast and have been closely monitoring the issues of Martin County. What concerns me is the slow ambulance response time and no cardiac hospital.

Martin County has been growing quickly, with a major proportion of retired folk. The article in the News stated ambulance response time is 16 minutes. This is unacceptable, and I'm surprised residents aren't demanding better. In a medical crisis, seconds count and can determine a patient's outcome. The body can function for only a few minutes without oxygen before the body systems, especially the circulatory system, fail.

It is the duty of our commissioners to make this a top priority. Money spent on the airport study could have been the salary for three EMS workers. More ambulances, personnel and firehouses are needed now. The Treasure Coast population shouldn't have to wait until 2008. How many people will die because the county felt it wasn't a priority?

The latest news states that Gov. Jeb Bush might veto the bill that would allow Martin Memorial to become a cardiac-care facility. I urge our commissioners and all residents not to become complacent with their lives. Speak out, write, call and fax Jeb Bush. Let their voices be heard. Who knows, the scenario could be their family member.

Heather Morella