Hey guys,

A little background on me..

I live in Pinellas County and completed the fire academy and EMT school at St Pete College in 2005. I am starting EMT school over again in October at FMTI in Tampa and will travel to Ocala for the refresher course and retest for Fire certs eventually.


How is the refresher course and the test in Ocala? Has anyone ever taken it? What should i expect?

I am planning on doing EMT school and then enrolling in medic school maybe before i even take care of the fire refresher course. When I went through the Fire Academy we had a guy go through that was already hired and he was a medic. Is that practice still going on? (depts hiring medics and putting them through fire academy?)

Would you reccomend i get the fire certs out of the way sooner or later?

I am sure i will have more questions come up but i wanted to introduce myself and say hello.. I read all the threads in this section and am getting excited to see what the future holds and to begin my next step..