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FFI class and need PPE?

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  • FFI class and need PPE?

    I received a call from a friend of mine who just joined a volunteer FD in a neighboring town. He enrolled in a FFI class and needs PPE.

    When asked him why his FD is not supplying PPE he stated the Chief told him that, if he passes, the FD would order him a new set, however, he needed to "call around" to find gear (except the SCBA) for the class.

    I have been involved in FFI training for career and volunteer FD's for over 20 years and have never heard of this occurring.

    For non-Connecticut people, here you must be a member of a fire department in CT to take a Fire Fighter I (or any other certification) class.

    He also has to pay for the class and gets reimbursed after passing.

    Has anyone else ever heard of this type of policy?
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    Never heard of anything like that.. sounds like the town he is volunteering in doesnt have much faith in him. Most towns would supply their guys/girls with used gear...


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      I've never heard of this policy. Something doesnt sound right here at all. The department is opening themselves up to a whole host of liabilities. PM with the dept. I work with a lot CT Dept I wonder if this one of them



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        As a probie our department supplies us with servicable turnouts.

        After you are established you usually get upgraded to new.

        The also pay to send you to classes. If you don't show up and finish the class or continually are failing classes, and set a pattern, you put yourself "On the Radar " in that case you may have to foot the bill and get reimbursed later, which I think is fair.
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          I was given a set of used but still in decent condition gear. about halfway through fire 1 if they see you are serious about it and arent going anywhere they get you fitted for brand new gear. Shorty after you complete fire 1 you get handed your brand new set of globe g xtreme gear.


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            FF1 and PPE

            Our dept does this:

            provide you with a set of gear the night you join. It may be used, but it is in good shape. When you pass FF1 and pass your probation, you are put on the list for a new set of gear.

            as for the cost, the dept pays [municipal budget] and you sign an educational contract. If you fail or drop out or thrown out of a class, you pay the dept back.... saying that, there are some circumstances that you are required not to pay back. In most cases if you didnt burn your dept bridge, you didnt pay.


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              Originally posted by KenNFD1219 View Post
              I have been involved in FFI training for career and volunteer FD's for over 20 years and have never heard of this occurring.
              Same here. It's not uncommon for students to get issued older gear but it still has to be OSHA compliant and it is still the FD's legal responsibility to supply it -- not the student's.

              Somebody needs to educate the Chief is this matter before it comes around and bites him in the backside.
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                [QUOTE=osfd100;803677]As a probie our department supplies us with servicable turnouts.

                After you are established you usually get upgraded to new.


                This is the same thing that my department did with me, and usually is the norm from what I have heard.


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                  Nope. Kind of shocked to hear it.

                  You might get old gear. You might even have to borrow gear from another FF (it's the FD's property, not the members) while new stuff is on order if...but you will get Department issued gear.

                  And if you show up to class at a local program or the regional school with gear that doesn't pass muster (normally checked first day of class by one of the ***'t Instructors...) your Chief should be expecting a call from the lead Instructor that evening.

                  Closest I've seen in my area to that situation is the EMT Extrication drill for the local community college which my Department's hosted since the 70s. We'll scrounge turnouts out of our used gear pile to loan to students who aren't affiliated with a FD they could get a set from.

                  And this ain't nothing new...I remember back in 1988 the reason I got upgraded from Cotton Duck & non-bump cap Leather to a Nomex coat & Salad Bowl was I had signed up for my first state class. Still had the 3/4s though


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                    When I was a volunteer, my department required you to pay for the class and then they would reimburse you if you passed your class. They did, however, supply you with all the necessary PPE for the class.


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