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hybrid phones

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  • hybrid phones

    Hello all,

    Recently changed to a nextel/sprint hybrid phone. Valley Shore communications uses text messaging as well as paging. My old phone always recieved text pages from the CAD system. Unable to get the hybrid to work. CAD has been updated with proper info, text works on phone from other means, just not VS.

    There are 6 phones effected at this point.

    Anyone else use text??? Anyone else have a hybrid????


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    Get rid of SPRINT!!!! They SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IAFF member, Love this job! Remember the oath!


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      We are doing the same thing next door. InfoRad text paging software is integrated into the CAD. One of our members got one of those hybrid phones. If I send the text page from my copy of InfoRad on my computer, it works fine. If it comes from the CAD, it takes like 5 minutes to show up.

      I'll be at control 2 this evening and I'm going to see what the difference is and I'll let you know what I find.
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        We just changed 5 Nextels for 5 Nextel\Sprint hybrids. The paging changed from [email protected]e.nextel.com to [email protected].

        So far, the hybrids are working well. We have coverage is several areas of town we could not reach with Nextel.

        We use the InfoRad software, but it is not part of a CAD system.
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          Thanks guys.

          We have 6 phones right now effected. All formats have been changes accordingly.

          Ken, what dispatch center????

          I agree with you about performance,phones are great around here on the shoreline


          • #6
            We have fire dispatch in fire HQ. The local PD is the 911 PSAP. Fire calls are transferred to the FD (no 911 screen here), medicals go to Northwest Public Safety in Prospect.
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            "The most mediocre man or woman can suddenly seem dynamic, forceful, and decisive if he or she is mean enough." from "Crazy Bosses"
            Genius has its limits, but stupidity is boundless.


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              nmfire- sent u an e-mail at your address listed in your profile


              • #8
                I'm trying to reply but the e-mails are bouncing back.
                Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.


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                  How do you guys like the new phones overall? The quality of nextel coverage around here is going down, but sprint seems to be ok still. I really want to keep the nextel direct connect because I use it with all of my ambulances and most of the guys on the department.


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                    Text Message Issue

                    It may be a problem @ VSEC. I have a Cingular phone and have been missing text pages here and there for about a week. Last weekend we had 6 or 7 calls and I didn’t get one page. Then on Monday it started to work again?

                    - 134


                    • #11
                      Valley Shore's problem with Cingular was a Cingular problem I believe.

                      As far as phone performance, In this area it is working great. Have much better coverage than I did with the straight Nextel


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                        Hybrids and InfoRad

                        Hello, Similar to your depts my agency is in the process of switching over to the hybrid phones as well. We also use inforad for our primary text paging and experienced many problems with the hybrids. Our account rep gave us a new number for inforad to dial because it now needs to dial into sprint and not nextel. Try setting it up to dial sprint at the number: 1 888 656 1727. Good luck.


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                          Our center and I suspect Valley Shore are using our high speed internet connections and sending the messages via SMTP and SNPP. We ditched dialing the paging services a year ago.
                          Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.


                          • #14
                            nmfire is correct. VS is using e-mail format. They believe it is an authentication problem between the CAD and Sprint. Still working on it.

                            In the meantime, anyone with sprintpcs, your phone has an e-mail address. You will find it in the settings menu. I had VS input my e-mail address into the CAD, and set the phone to forward all to my [email protected] It works for now, just a little slower


                            • #15
                              One of the few advantages of normal nextel... SNPP messaging is instant and never has a problem... usually.
                              Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.


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