FYI: Creating hiring list for FF/EMTs -- must be EMT to apply, current CPAT required, hiree's will be sent to CFA Recruit School regardless of previous certification.

Southington is a combination department serving a suburban population of about 45K residents with a high daily pass-through population via I-84 & I-691. The career force is currently made up of (4 24 on/3 day off) shifts of 6 (Capt, Lt, 4 FFs), a day shift (currently 1 additional FF), 4 staff positions (Capt/Training, Capt/Inspector, 2 Insp), and 2 Chiefs. There are 4 POC companies under the department. The career staff is represented by IAFF Local 2033.

A new hiring list is being created in anticipation of new position becoming available in the new fiscal year and to fill retiree slots over the next year and a half or so. Recent lists have typically been held for two years.

This year's budget proposal is for 3 additional day shift FFs and an additional Inspector. If past proposals are any indicator, either 1 FF or the Inspector is likely to be approved. There are likely to be at least 2 retirements during the tenure of this list.

Details were just published in the Hartford Courant and more info can be gathered via the Town's website at