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Connecticut JR regs

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  • Connecticut JR regs

    Just wondering what everyone is doing regarding the new regs issued by the the dept of labor. We are having a hard time determining how to fight it. Pretty much undermines the whole program.

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    why fight it ?

    The regs are put into place to protect the MINORS. My department has been abiding by this sinc 2000. We seem to not have a problem retaining the "cadets" as we call them, and I think right now we have like 8 on the rolls.

    The reqs are not new, they have been around for years. But they came to light after several minor were hurt in a fire truck accident.

    In 2000 our cadet committee sat down with the DOL for its input and they reviewd our program, gave us feedback and when we put thier "new req" side by side with ours - they looked the same.

    this is one thing I would not want to fight.... bad enough when you are a chief officer and you have a lodd or a lodi with an adult... how about the lodd or lodi for a minor ???? ready to carry that burden the rest of your life ?


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      Originally posted by kvfc803 View Post
      Just wondering what everyone is doing regarding the new regs issued by the the dept of labor. We are having a hard time determining how to fight it. Pretty much undermines the whole program.
      This is how your next-door-neighbor department is dealing with it (I'm the explorer adviser here on the other side of the mighty river.)

      Almost all of the finalized DOL rules that came out a month or two ago are right in line with our existing in-house explorer rules. Some of them are actually more lenient, such as wearing SCBA for training with proper training. We don't let our explorers wear SCBA at all, period.

      I believe the only thing that really differs is the times they are allowed to participate in calls. Our current rules say no going to calls after 10pm on a school night. I don't have the DOL rules in front of me but I know they drew a line somewhere regardless of it being a school night or not. I'll send you a PM about that.....

      RedRiver: These rules are actually quite new. Sure, there were rules in place before that frankly, most people didn't even know applied to us and were so restrictive, it made a junior/explorer program pointless. The regulations that exist now came after months of meetings and negotiations with the DOL and the fire service. I know because one of our FF's was in those meetings with the state and was instrumental in improving the regulations to what they are now compared to what they were.
      Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.


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        We have already had many of the rules that have been outlined by the "new" policy for years. We at our choosing, have always had a curfew for school nights as well as a no particapation rule at all during midterm and final exam weeks.

        The rules which are in line with ours require a curfew of 10:00 pm.

        I would like to know who is the MORON that added that Jr's cannot respond to fires after 7:00 pm. Yet by law you can stay at the firehouse, attend a meeting, go to a church meeting and even work at your partime job later than 7:00 pm . Whoever added that one was not thinking!!!!

        We have had much of the other stuff in place. So it has really not been a problem. Some of the initial rumors that were flying around were a lot worse than things really are.

        I don't think things will be that bad in KW and NM where all you have is cow flop fires anyway!!!!!
        If I'm not here I'm on http://ctfire-ems.com/indexc.php


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          osfd- Get it right, NM has sheep flop fires not cow flops like we do.

          Anyway, I was just throwing it out for comment to the rest of the state for opinions. It seems the Valley Shore area has been affected recently the most. As a Chief officer, I am not willing to go against the grain on this issue. As important as the JR program is to me, I am not going to loose my house over it. Safety is always the first priority. I will be the first to disagree with DOL on some of it, but just like the NFPA/OSHA guidelines I am not willing to sit in front of a judge and dead JR's parents because I wanted to ignore the rules.

          Happy New Year!!!


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            Thank you for clarifying the sheep vs cow issue. Cows... who would think such thing about us! Baaaah
            Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.


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              I hear ya about violating the rules and going before the judge etc....

              How many Jr's have you seen above 6' or is it 7' packing hose.... No more aren't they lucky!!!!

              Bottom Line is the safety of the kids.
              These programs are a great pipeline for our memberships and they must be maintained. We have quite a few members still on our roster who started as Jr's. We now alomost have a full roster. This past Wednesday 2:00 pm we put 35 Sr. members on the fireground for a fire at the shopping center. Not a bad daytime response.

              Have a safe one, Maybe the three of us can get together in the middle, at a worker, Maybe Clinton Crossing???? A lot less paperwork for us...hehehehehe.
              If I'm not here I'm on http://ctfire-ems.com/indexc.php


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                As long as it isn't the unilever plant!!!
                Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.


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                  Anyone know if these regs are on line somewere??????

                  LEATHER FOREVER!!!!


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                    I can quibble were I think they're too restrictive in some places, too liberal in others...

                    So I guess they struck a fair balance

                    Very few changes to how we're currently doing stuff, and I'd be surprised if we took advantage of some of the more liberal stuff -- anyone under 21 still isn't taking apparatus onto a public roadway (you're allowed to pull them in and out of the bays), and I don't see a pressing need to have them operate Hurst tools.


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                      This year I've started allowing explorers to use the power tools for training. This was prohibited by previous leadership in the past and I've decided to allow it. I'm glad I did. I had our Explorers tear a Volvo to pieces for a drill last month. They had a great time and did a great job. Under proper supervision, there is no problem.

                      Explorers will never be driving any of our vehicles, that much I can assure you.
                      Even the burger-flippers at McDonald's probably have some McWackers.


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