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    To Alaska's Bravest and to everyone else out there. Hey, hows it going? We just had a rainstorm here in the Interior that should have been a snowstorm Saturday and Sunday early AM (Feb 8,9). Really wierd weather for febrrrrrrrrrruary. It seemed like there was a hundred or more cars in the ditch on saturday afternoon and people were still driving. DUH. Rain you say is no big deal, well it is when it hits the road and instantly turns the road into one large skating rink and people are trying to go the speed limit. We definitely had our hands full here. Well enough about that, the reason I am writing is to tell everyone in Alaska who is a brother or a sister to tell everybody else how great the firefighters and medics here in Alaska are. For all you from down there, you know the lower 48. Who sometimes forget we are even a state because we are not connected to the lower 48 except through Canada. (Only the largest state with over 6000 miles of shore line, its just that the water is better for chilling drinks than for surfing). Im sorry its so hard to travel here unless you are adventureous, or retired but how do you think we keep all the rif raf out HA HA! Just Joking, (about the rif raf, we have our fair share) everyone knows how warped a firefighters sense of humor is, if some of us even have one. We are just trying to ask everyone not to forget about us when it comes to funding or training. It would be the greatest to get some of the top instructors from FDIC or Fire Rescue West to come up here for a few training classes in the summer and winter, we could even start the Arctic Firefighting Expo and hold that in the spring. Now dont get me wrong, especially for those who came to the ASFA and ASFC joint conference here in Fairbanks last year. I personnally think that was some of the best training and seminars that I have seen in the state in a long time . We just want MORE! A huge KUDOS to everyone who organized and attended the event and keep up the good work to improve upon it for this year in Kenai (ps Dont forget to bring along a fishing rod or two). So lets let everyone else know how special we are and that we are important too. So all you lower 48's come on up and ride along we would be glad to see you and shoot the breeze about our love of the firfighting, and even do some fishing and beverage drinking. If you want the fires its better to come in the winter, that is if you are not afraid of sub-zero temps.

    Well hope to talk to someone later (please reply)
    Until then take care and keep safe.


    PS visit these sites

    Brad Hoff, North Pole Alaska
    "Protecting the Defenders of Freedom"
    FT. Wainwright Fire & Emergency Svcs
    North Star VFD, www.northstarfire.org


    "Keepin it REAL in the LAST FRONTIER"

    "Firefighter Extraordinaire"

    "If a firefighter was buck naked and given three ball bearings, then placed in a round room with no windows and only one entrance, he or she would emerge with two missing and one broken".

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    Damn that was a long post!!!

    how's it going Frozenhosehead?? I hear you guys were mighty busy, but we up here on the U had nothing!!


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