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  • exchange opportunity to ireland

    I am an irish fulltime firefighter , working and living in west ireland (limerick).

    If you are interested in an exchange (max 12 months), and you are bringing with you a small family (wife 'n a few kids) then maybe our jobs AND our homes will be compatible.

    A few points:
    * The fire dept i work for are solely firefighters NOT paramedics and would be a similar style dept i would need to swop with.

    * I live in a fine spacious house and would be hoping to be exchanging into a home that has room for wife, two kids and me.

    * I would consider most places (USA and Canada especially), somewhere within reasonable distance to a ski slope would be nice!(not essential) . My wife is from NY upstate and we would go there too(saratoga springs)
    If you like surfing, countryside, easy laidback living, great place for kids, and the odd night out in the town then you will like this place. (also on the doorstep of an airport and cheap flights to many european destinations)

    * You need to be fulltime and experienced for at least four years.(this is an exchange rule, not mine)

    * I am not looking to exchange right away - prob ready to move 2012, it takes ages (apparently) to organise an exchange among two fire departments - as well as taking kids from school etc etc so i am posting this early.

    * you PROBABLY will not have to go through firefighting school again, i am trying to negotiate that your experience will mean you can learn the differences in procedures, scba etc etc, "in-house" and be fully operational in about two weeks (i know that sounds attractive because some exchanged firefighters are expected to go through firefighting school!)

    * Coming from outside of europe I think your spouse would struggle to obtain a visa to work (at least to work officially). So if you are hoping for you both to work you will probably be disappointed. (i reckon that goes for all of europe, not 100% sure. i emailed irish immigration offices today, not sure when a reply is forthcoming, if you are interested in asking for yourself their email address is [email protected] )

    i thought i would include this link to an application form for a fire fighter exchange - just to let you know whats involved. while this one is specific for edmonton canada most forms would be very similar throughout the world


    the exchanges tend to last somewhere between 6 - 12 months, and while there seems to be a bit of work involved in making the exchange happen it has the potential to be a massively positive experience: good socially, good professionally in your career ahead.

    anyways my inbox still lies in wait of a firefighter interested in exchanging jobs and homes temporarily and coming to see what its like to be a firefighter in ireland, we do things differently and there would be lots to see and learn, on both sides.

    For those interested how the exchange works financially i enclose copy of a section titled 'salaries and conditions' from the link i enclosed above :

    Exchange Partners will remain in the employ of their Fire Service. They continue to receive
    their own salaries whilst they are overseas, with continuing deductions (including mortgage
    and insurances) as applicable. This arrangement can not be varied under this Program as
    any changes to this will result in the requirement of different criteria to gain entry into other
    countries and have tax implications.
    Where rates of exchange vary widely, it is recommended that the two Exchange Partners
    come to a financial agreement which will ensure the exchange is viable for both parties.
    Ensure agreements are in writing and a copy lodged with your coordinator.
    Overtime payment methods need to be negotiated by the employers and this is addressed in
    the Deed of Exchange. There are wide variations in opportunities and conditions for overtime
    between Fire Services.

    So it seems anything is negotiable, even wages!
    If you know of anyone at your station with a few kids that may have a bit of irish blood in them and may want to go to the 'old country' and go on to see more of europe or just someone with a bit of adventure in them then pass on my details.

    Send me an email and start asking questions - who knows it could be the best move you have made in a long time:

    my email address: [email protected]
    (i dont check this website alot so an email to me would be best)


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    i received word from immigration services ireland that a visa would be forthcoming both for you and your spouse (or partner) if you were successful in your exchange application to come here and work at my firehouse in a temporary exchange.

    happy days



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      Originally posted by uiscemac View Post
      i received word from immigration services ireland that a visa would be forthcoming both for you and your spouse (or partner) if you were successful in your exchange application to come here and work at my firehouse in a temporary exchange.

      happy days

      Mac, you still interested in exchange? If so I'd like to discuss!


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