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  • Hello from Australia

    Hello UK!!

    I am making initial enquiries about international exchange programs. I have not approached my department as yet as I was wanting to ask off the record if anything such as this is in place at the moment between Australia and The UK.

    I am a FF of 7 years. My husband wants to come to the UK to work and I am not ready to give up the Fire Service at this stage, but, he is overseas this year and I am at home with the kids and still working and I am finding it really hard. I would not like to try another year apart, way too hard as the kids are only 3.5 and 22mths old.

    I can get a visa through my English heritage so that is not a problem. I know one of our Firefighters have done this kind of thing to Canada as a trial. Not sure about the results and whether they found it worthwhile to their cause (because I am sure they would only do it for some benefit to them) I know he had to do a big report and presentation to the hierarchy.

    Has anyone heard of this kind of thing happening in the UK?

    Thanks to anyone that replies.


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    Not sure if you have done anything regarding this yet. Seeing as it was a few months back you first posted.

    Anyway, Im in Cambridgeshire, and though I have never heard of anything over these distances, our brigade is trying to re-instigate a similar thing with a few cities in Germany.

    The best thing would be for you to write or email the brigades themselves. If you want I can get you some HQ addresses for the surrounding brigades



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      Hi Gareth,

      Thanks for your reply. That is a good idea, I will look into it when I know what we are doing. It looks like we would not be doing this till next year some time now. I think I will go through channels here first.

      The distance is always a factor from Australia. We are so far away from everything. It is good in alot of ways though

      Just thought I would find out if anyone knew if anything already existed between other countries. I am glad to hear that you guys may be doing it with Germany. I think it is great idea. We actually do it between states here. About the same distance I suppose.

      Stay safe.


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