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looking for Australian firefighter exchange partner

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  • looking for Australian firefighter exchange partner

    I am a female firefighter with the city of Burlington Ontario Canada. I am married with one child and looking to do an exchange in Australia. If anyone is interested please contact me at: [email protected]
    Thank you looking forward to hearing from someone

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    Hi, I am a senior F/F on the Gold Coast. Queensland.

    We live in a great place, the 6th largest city in Australia. The commonwealth games will be held here in 2018.
    Plenty of things to do around our area.
    Pop. Of around 600000 .
    Take a look at this web page.


    And also at our Fire Service web page.


    These are our Fire services requirements for exchanges. foreign/domestic.

    We have a modest 3 bed room house in a central location.
    ( suburb called Labrador). 700mtrs from the Broadwater. Only 6kms from the main surfing beaches of Surfers Paradise, and the 42 kms of beautiful Gold Coast beaches .

    I work at Stn 32 Surfers Paradise , which is 9 kms from Home. Our head quarters is only 4kms. Where you'd properly start.

    The Gold Coast is said to be Australia's play ground. So I'm sure you'd enjoy your time here as well.

    Our family has travelled extensively around Australia over the last 5 to 10 years and now thinking that this international exchange idea would be a great opportunity to live ,work and school experience.
    Would like to have the kids experience a different place. We have 3 children 10 9 and 6.

    We also have family in Colorado and Florida which makes visiting them a more reasonable proposition.

    At the moment we would like to achieve an exchange for 12 months sometime in the next year. 2014.
    I have a few colleges that have done exchanges to Vancouver, Toronto and surrounding areas.
    They all rate their experiences high.
    I personally have worked with 3 Canadians on exchange programs and they have all had a great time here.

    I'll look into your area, which does sound beautiful and do some research.

    Thank you and look forward to our next email.

    I am just wondering about how your shifts work. We work a 10 14 roster. 2 10 hrs days,* then 2 14 hr nights and 4 days off. 8am to 6pm, 6pm to 8am.
    Works well and gives 6 days off per week.

    I was just talking to an other Friend of mine that is currently on a teacher exchange in the Ontario area, which has prompted me to contact you further.
    Any thoughts or questions.

    Regards Sean.


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