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E-One Canada closure announced today

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  • E-One Canada closure announced today

    They announced they will close by year end.
    Anybody want to take a guess as to the REAL reason why this happened?
    Corporate announcements generally aren't completely on the marc.

    ....take your best shot!
    Last edited by Hoseopolis; 04-27-2006, 06:03 PM.

  • #2
    I'll take a guess.

    Was it a carefully planned, and thought out move by Marc G and his band of goofballs, all from ALF, Freightliner, Thomas bus? The incest boggles the mind.

    Was it a plan Marc started to intiate, but, to his surprise, he didn't get board permission, therefore he had to slow his plan down, step back and let it die of neglect and abuse?

    Does it have ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the exchange rate?

    Did the attrition rate only skyrocket AFTER, the dreaded "Black Friday" announcement?

    Did the interm GM and onther managers at E-One Canada, plea for help from Ocala, and NOT ONCE, receive even a REPLY TO A SIMPLE E-MAIL!?!!!!!

    All responsable parties can rot in HELL, if this gets me banned, so be it.


    • #3
      This is really sad

      After 19 years there, and the solid reputation we all worked so hard to acheive, all the customers we worked so hard for, I'd have thought a lot more of you would be ****ed off and have something to say.

      Maybe the indifference the public seems to be showing, is the real shame.


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        Well if it makes you feel better, I'll respond.

        I haven't heard a whole lot of goiod stuff about Superior Fire Trucks since they were taken over by E-One. Canada ain't Florida (There's an understatement) and it was my understanding that Ocala couldn't make this differentiation. Having said that our 1985 SUPERIOR 840 midship is still over-performing today and there have been zip zero nada issues with it since we took delivery in Sept. of 1985. Not one thing wrong. Not one reason for it to go for any more than routine maintainence.

        I have no personal experience with the E-One Superior units, and as such can't offer that I know they are any better or worse.

        But sometimes it's better to be standing in the bright sunshine on your own, than standing in the shadow of a fidgety elephant. The E-One purchase (takeover?) was the beginning of the end for Superior. Sad but true.

        As for you woking hard to make the best product available? Thanks for doing what you were being paid to do. That's every employee's responsibility at every manufacturing plant in the world. It is unfortunate that a lot of skilled people will be out of work.
        This is of course only my humble opinion, but then again, its likely the only one that matters.


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          E-One Closure

          The member from Manitoba is right, when he states that the purchase of Superior Emergency Vehicles by E-One was the beginning of an end for the company.

          Perhaps it was not immediately apparent, but as time went on, it was more and more obvious that the upper management in Florida not only did not acknowledge the differences between Canadian and US markets and it's Fire Fighting communities, but cared little for Superior as a company, its employees and the way that Superior and its dealers conducted its business.

          Superior Emergency Vehicles had a fantastic reputation of its product in the Canadian market; many employees came and joined the company because of this fact as well as their love of Fire Apparatus. They were proud to be a part of the BEST Fire Truck in the Country, desired by just about every Fire Department. But slowly, yet surely this reputation for quality became tainted by many quality issues with the Ocala manufactured custom chassis, which Superior used to manufacture custom Fire Appparatus. Many of the management members of Superiror brough this to the attention of the upper management in Ocala, but to no avail.

          The demise of Superior really accelerated, when the Ocala's upper management decided, after an independent survey that confirmed SUPERIOR brand was the most recognized and admired brand of Fire Truck in the country and changed the company's name to E-One Canada.

          The sadest part of all of this is, the the legacy of once so great a company will be lost forever and the many employees that made this company their lives for many, many years, can do absolutely nothing about it.

          And, as another member states, judging from the lack of responses from the Fire Fighting community, not many care too much.


          • #6
            I brought this topic up about a year ago. It realy is a sad testiment to the dimise of a great fire manafacturing Co., Superior Fire Equipment. Just goes to show ya Bigger aint Better, even a big outfit like E-one can screw up a party in a brewery. Just as a side note, when I did post on the impending doom of E-One in Canada they got a hold of my boss and told him to reign in his people about this subject on the forums. Nothing like a little censorship eh.


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              UPDATE: E-One building sold to Ontario Radiator company

              Originally posted by Hoseopolis
              They announced they will close by year end.
              Anybody want to take a guess as to the REAL reason why this happened?
              Corporate announcements generally aren't completely on the marc.

              ....take your best shot!
              Just heard someone from Ontario has purchased the site and is a radiator manufacturer, so rentention of current employees looks unlikely


              • #8
                So where did you hear this? this is about the 3rd rumor I've heard about the building being purchased.


                300x600 Ad Unit (In-View)


                Upper 300x250