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Canada versus USA

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  • Canada versus USA

    Wondering what your feeling are on the differences between Canadian Fire Departments and American Fire Departments? Are there things we as Canadians should be doing which the Americans are already doing? How can we improve?
    Whatever it takes, NO MATTER THE SACRIFICE!!!!

    Never Forget 9/11

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    How about the other way around?


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      ok how so then? if you want it the other way?
      Whatever it takes, NO MATTER THE SACRIFICE!!!!

      Never Forget 9/11


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        What differences?

        The difference is they have more large cities than we do! Which in turn results in higher call volume and more incidents. Other than that I have worked with firefighters from the United States and they do the same job as we do. Slight differences in some techniques but the same could be said about other fire departments in Canada. Lets not turn this into who is better than who thread.



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          I wasn't trying to have this thread turn it into who is better. I was just curious if there was some differences in the way things are done.
          Whatever it takes, NO MATTER THE SACRIFICE!!!!

          Never Forget 9/11


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            Both organizations are based on the para-military model The British military in our case and the American in the US, so naturally there will be those differences. Other then that each Dept has its own idiosyncrasies. My Dept probably operates quite differently then our counterparts in Victoria 4000 miles away
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              Abrouwer, are there some differences you would like to point out, or some other questions about techniques you have heard?

              Other than fire fighting it is pretty simple - departments are built around the jobs they can handle. Thats why each department is different or has other ideas on how to do things. The other thing is the lack of mandatory training (Canada and the US). Without a set quideline that departments have to adhere to you will see all sorts of different response models.

              Is that what you are looking for?
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              -People will forget what you did,
              -But people will never forget how you made them feel!


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                I have no differences to point out. I asked the question because in my research of common interview questions I came across this one.

                "American fire services are much more diverse than Canadian services. What are some of the areas we should expand our services?"

                I wasn't sure of an answer for it which is why I started this post.
                Whatever it takes, NO MATTER THE SACRIFICE!!!!

                Never Forget 9/11


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                  Canada vs. USA

                  I don't think it is a matter of diversity, I think it is more based around supply versus demand. The US have a much higher population than Canada and each department will have a higher demand for some of the services required than Canadian departments. Our department covers approximately 600 square miles of land and a population of around 7000. We average 85 calls per year. The same department in the US could have a population base of 3-4 times larger in the same land area. This would increase your call volume greatly and demand more training, equipment, and manpower to deal with the volume of calls.


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                    That doesn't make any sense, there are few Fire Depts in North America any bigger then Toronto's
                    A'int No Rocket Scientist's in The Firehall


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                      I hear ya Smoke.


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                        Social / Economic factor's

                        I attended a Grow-Op Clan lab awareness session last night put on by the Calgary FD Hazmat team. (great presentation by the way)

                        The volume's of these types of calls in Canada appeared to be significantly less than what similar juristictions in the US were.

                        I'm wondering how many medical assist / hazmat calls are generated due to drug use and production? Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton all somewhat open drug trades and likely deal with an increased volume. In my rural area, I've seen 1 grow op in 8 years... and only because it caught fire.

                        Anyone in smaller cities/towns seeing this stuff?

                        It seems to me that the Yank's (even in rural areas) are dealing with significantly more volume of drug production / use related work.
                        SRFD905 - Serving since 1998



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                          I have a problem with the question put
                          forward in this thread....

                          It seems to imply that the Canadian
                          Fire Service is lagging behind.

                          The truth is we have as much to offer the U.S. as they can to us Canadians.

                          One cannot say having shiny new trucks for
                          the parade makes a better dept.

                          I work for the 2nd largest dept. in Canada
                          and and have taught at a Fire School in the north eastern U.S. for 10 years.

                          We Canadians tend to see ourselves as
                          doing less than our friends to the south.

                          From my experience this is Totally False.

                          Stay safe...and hold your head high.


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                            I learned everything I needed to know about Canada by watching "Canadian Bacon" starring John Candy. Dan Akroyd's bit part as the motorcycle cop was the best part.

                            lol j/k
                            You only have to be stupid once to be dead permanently
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                              It seems to me ( and I'm certainly no expert) that our U.S. counterparts tend to use larger lines especially at some of your "smaller" fires where we would use smaller lines: eg: vehicle fires.
                              It seems there are more aerials and quints in use in more rural locations. Hard to really tell but I've followed links to websites to see what some stations have.

                              I don't know if this is true because it came from a CAFS salesman BUT:

                              The U. S. is apparently WAY behind us in the use of CAFS; particularly in rural areas.

                              I should qualify that statement with the understanding that he was trying to get us to trade in our truck and he said the U.S. is a great market for used CAFS units because "they are only really starting to catch on now."

                              Again, this is what I have seen on the 'net and heard from ??reliable?? sources. I can't prove a dang thing
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